10 Admirable Jobs That Have Lost Much of Their Luster Over the Years

Society evolves quickly over time, and it’s jarring to look back at well-respected occupations that have now lost their luster! Recently, men and women met in an online discussion to reveal the jobs that don’t shine as brightly as they once did in the eyes of the general public. Have you ever had any of these jobs?


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Back in the day, blacksmiths were one of the most respected and prestigious jobs a person could have. In 2023, blacksmiths have seemingly disappeared without a trace! “They were the town engineer, manufacturer, craftsman, and problem solver all in one,” recalls one boomer. “Now they are mostly just hobbyists.”

Radio DJ

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Not too far into the past, radio DJs were local royalty. Residents of cities and small towns considered DJs minor celebrities (I was one of these people)! However, thanks to the advent of countless music streaming services, the disc jockey lifestyle doesn’t have the same perks as it once had. Many people predict many radio stations will fall into obscurity sooner than later.

Flight Attendant

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According to countless people, back in the 1970s, all your friends were jealous if you were dating a stewardess! Not only was flying a more high-end and luxurious experience back then, but a flight attendant position was highly lucrative and sought-after by men and women of all ages. Unfortunately, the general public doesn’t hold flight attendants in relatively high regard today.

Travel Agent

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Long before the advent of the internet, the only way to go on a vacation of your dreams was by contacting a local travel agent. The occupation was always in demand; who doesn’t look forward to booking unforgettable trips? Unfortunately, it’s become increasingly easy for anyone to book timeless vacations. “Finding flights, booking good hotels, knowing the cool places to go, how to get tickets to events, and how to pull it all together for someone used to be fairly useful skills to have,” laments one woman. “Now the job is basically nonexistent apart from super high-end or specialty positions.”

Postal Service Letter Carrier


While working for the U.S. Postal Service was never the most glamorous job, it’s gotten less desirable in recent decades. “All I deliver now is junk mail and Amazon packages,” one mailman confesses. “Certified letters used to be treated like a classified government document (because it could be) that you were responsible for. You even had to sign out to receive them because you were accountable. Now they come mixed in with the bulk junk mail.”


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There is a chasm of difference between bankers working in the ’70s and ’80s and bank employees in the present day. Many people recall bankers as being something many young people aspired to. It makes sense; who wouldn’t want to be in charge of so much money? Unfortunately, working in retail banking is not as glamorous anymore. Millions of bank tellers and managers confess they are overworked and underpaid!


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Due to an ever-changing news-reporting culture, being a journalist has lost its luster in 2023! One person puts it all into perspective. “It used to be that a journalist was concerned with their reputation above all else,” reveals one man. “Sure, there were always hacks out there, but most journalists looked at their profession the same way a doctor does: They had a strict code of standards and ethics they adhered to. Nowadays, the title itself is a joke.”


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There’s only one thing to blame for the downturn in men and women exploring careers in photography: The modern cell phone! Thanks to ever-improving technology and AI-powered software, millions have all the tools they need to take incredible photos at a moment’s notice — all in their pocket. While professional photographers still exist today, they can’t compete with the endless stream of amateur photographers armed with Instagram filters.


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Amazingly, the people tasked with leading children into the future are becoming seriously disenfranchised in 2023. “Teachers are so disrespected and constantly abused by parents and politicians these days that I have no clue who would ever want to be one anymore,” argues one woman. Many teacher friends confess they would’ve chosen a different profession if they had the choice!


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In the eyes of the public, Congressmen and women don’t represent their best interests. Many consider them to be, at best, out of touch with modern society and straight-up corrupt at worst! There was a time when most public servants were viewed as noble, but those days were long gone. I can’t be the only one who scratches their head when I hear someone wants to be a politician!

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