10 Expert Travel Hacks for Solo Female Tourists

Traveling solo is challenging, especially for females. While the thrill of exploring a new place is exhilarating, there are plenty of tips and tricks savvy travelers swear by. Recently, solo female travelers met in an online discussion, put their heads together, and came up with a list of the essential travel hacks for any woman embarking on a solo adventure of a lifetime.

1. Lock Up Your Belongings

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Never let your guard down when it comes to protecting your belongings. Bringing a small padlock (and key) and using it to lock your suitcase or travel bag goes a long way in giving you complete peace of mind during your travels. Losing an essential item like a passport or wallet would be a trip ruiner, so take the necessary steps to prevent it from happening.

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Book Tours

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According to many women, some of the best experiences come from booking tours that are unique to where they are visiting. “I always book a tour based on my interests,” one experienced solo traveler explains. “When I went to Puerto Rico, I booked a food tour. You can meet people with similar interests and make connections — that’s what happened to me!”

3. Always Trust Your Gut

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Don’t think twice if uncomfortable: always trust your gut and intuition! A trip exploring a new country or continent should be filled with unforgettable memories, not moments that make you question your safety.

4. Use Hostels To Socialize

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Hostels often have bad reputations for being overcrowded and unsanitary, but many hostels buck the trend. Hostels can be used to meet new people. “I tend to stay in hostels to be able to socialize,” reveals one woman. “I try to book female-only dorms as much as possible, but even when co-ed was the only option, I had no problems. Just read the hostel’s reviews and spend more to have a central place.”

5. Utilize Rewards Credit Cards

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There’s an art to using rewards credit cards, but if you can successfully pull it off, you’ll be rewarded with free hotel rooms, car rentals, and more perks! Responsible credit card spending opens up a new world of value, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of credit card perks when embarking on your next adventure.

6. Keep Room for Spontaneity

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It doesn’t matter if you’re the most meticulous planner in the world; many women advise that you always leave room for unplanned activities. “I always plan ahead but keep room for spontaneous events — you might meet cool people or have a great opportunity, so it’s always good to be spontaneous and to say yes!” advises one savvy traveler.

7. Navigate With Your Earbuds

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Many women say it’s important never to look like a lost tourist — even if you are! If you rely on your cell phone for turn-by-turn navigation while walking, pop your earbuds in and listen to the navigation instead of looking at your screen. This method ensures you look like a confident local instead of a potentially confused foreigner.

8. Share Your Itinerary

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Having peace of mind for yourself and your loved ones at home is essential for having a stress-free adventure. Sharing your itinerary goes a long way. “While some people don’t want others tracking their every move, I share my itinerary with my parents and have an app with my family so they can see where I am at all times,” confesses one woman. “Even if they’re thousands of miles away, they could see if something looks amiss and contact the appropriate people, such as lodging hosts.”

9. Learn Some of the Local Language

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Visiting a new place requires a certain modicum of respect for the country you’re exploring. Ahead of arrival, many women are advised to learn a few common words and phrases in the local language. This advice will undoubtedly be helpful whenever you need to find the nearest restroom or train station.

10. Find a Taxi Driver You Trust

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Don’t be afraid to use the same taxi driver throughout the trip, but only if you’ve developed a familiar relationship with them first. Countless female travelers report that taxi drivers can be hit or miss in some countries, and they advise you to find a driver you trust and stick with them for the duration of your visit.

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