10 Foods That Make Terrible Leftovers

Some foods make fantastic leftovers. One on the top of my head is lasagna. Of course, just because some make great leftovers does not mean every food does. Sadly, not every meal got the memo that letting your flavors marinate overnight in the fridge makes it so much better for a second go around. To warn others or perhaps share their pain, members of a popular online forum discussed ten foods that make the worst leftovers.

1. Cereal

Man eating cereals
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I don’t know what kind of person has so much cereal that they can’t eat it all. Nor do I understand why they would save it for later, but it’s still on the list. One person even goes so far as to say, “Whoever would eat leftover cereal voluntarily needs a psych evaluation ASAP.” If there’s one thing I hope you’ll take away from this, it’s that crispy/crunchy foods in some liquid should not be kept as leftovers lest we suffer something truly mushy and gross.

2. Dressed Salads

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Keeping salads as leftovers is a very fine line. Something like a chicken salad that you can put on a sandwich is fantastic to have the next day after all the flavors really get to know each other. A fresh salad with veggies, croutons, and dressing is a different story. If you save one of those for later, you’ll find nothing but wilted, not-so-appetizing vegetables, soggy croutons, and gooey cheese.

3. Nachos

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Fresh nachos: crunchy chips with fresh toppings that offer a lovely array of textures and flavors. Leftover nachos are an anomaly where everything has the same texture and flavor. No method of heating or separating will save nachos left overnight. Unfortunately, some things just can’t be kept, no matter how good they are.

4. Noodles in Broth

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Crunchy foods are not the only ones that can suffer from absorbing liquid/moisture as leftovers. Noodles are susceptible to this, too. They are, Unfortunately, leaving noodles in their broth results in them absorbing more of the broth, leading to them swelling up and usually falling apart. The broth can also get pretty cloudy. But there is one way to save this potentially! Separate the soup from the noodles and assemble them when ready to eat them.

5. French Fries

French Fries
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I’ve had my fair share of leftover fries over the years. Some of them were okay, some of them were terrible, but none of them were as good as they were when I first got them. You can bake or air fry them as much as you want, but there is no way to get back to how they used to be.

6. Box Mac and Cheese

Mac and Cheese
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Something unholy happens to the mac and cheese from a box when put in the fridge. It has a different texture, and the taste is off, even if you had just made it the night before. One person claims it “turns into something entirely after being refrigerated.” Another added, “I don’t know why it loses flavor; you can fix the texture by stirring a little water in, but it still tastes flavorless.”

7. Carbonara

Buttered Noodles
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Perhaps, if eggs were not a significant part of this dish, carbonara could be salvageable for leftovers. However, this isn’t the case. One sad individual shares their experience attempting to do so, claiming, “There’s not really a way to ‘re-temper’ the eggs, and it turns into a noodle omelet.” I don’t know what the term “noodle omelet” means, but it makes me want to run the other way and never keep carbonara for later.

8. Tacos

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Tacos are like nachos for leftovers unless they are entirely separate from the fillings and always were. Hard-shelled tacos are lost causes and fall apart with the lightest touch. Soft tacos can get soggy and suffer from the same problem when left together. Fortunately, if they are disassembled, they should be alright. Well, maybe not the hard shells; those suffer the same fate as nachos.

9. Seafood

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“There’s something about reheating fish or seafood that just doesn’t seem right to me,” is all that one individual has to say about the idea of seafood as leftovers. Someone else elaborated on this idea, describing in more detail that they don’t like it because “it gets too dry when you reheat it.” So, thanks, random people on the internet. You gave me something new to have the heebie-jeebies with because that sounds awful.

10. Sandwiches With Condiments

White bread sandwich
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Pop quiz! What’s the running theme of this article? If you said, “Don’t put saucy or soupy foods together as leftovers,” you win a cookie! Hopefully, it doesn’t go weird if you don’t eat it immediately like the other foods here. Anyway, sandwiches can suffer the same fate as many others. However, instead of crispy food becoming mushy, you a soft-ish food becoming even mushier! The sandwich may not fall apart depending on what’s in it, but it will be soggy, which makes me want to gag a little.

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