10 Insecurities Women Have That Men Think Are Just Silly

Insecurities are the worst, but we all have them. Although societal pressure is on everyone to seem perfect, women have long had the brunt of it. There are numerous “beauty standards” that society has said women have to reach to be considered beautiful. Most women feel less confident when the unreachable standards are measured against them. It might come as a shock, but most men think that these insecurities don’t matter. Men on an online forum were asked about women’s ridiculous insecurities; these ten are their shocking reveals.

1. Imperfect Ears

Some women feel less than beautiful because they have ears that seem bigger than societal standards. We see beautiful women whose only issues are their ears — they poke out too much. It reduces their self-esteem and confidence, but men think, “Are women not supposed to have ears?” Who cares if they are the size of a donkey?

2. Eating on the First Date

Do you know that several women purposely pick lighter meals on a first date? They do this because they do not want to put off their date with the amount of food they actually want to eat. But see it this way: if you get into a relationship with the person, they will still find out how much you eat. Plus, it would be best if you don’t continue the date with someone who has an issue with the amount of food you eat on the first date.

3. Wearing Their Clothes

Hear me out — nobody buys an outfit to wear only once except celebrities and wealthy people. Still, they have favorites they wear. It’s funny how women take extra care not to repeat clothes. Most men don’t care. It would be best if you did not care either, as long as you like it and feel comfortable in the outfit and it’s still in perfect shape; wear it as often as you like!

4. Stretch Marks

Some call them lightning marks because they look like lightning on our skin. They look stunning, and most men agree. Stretch marks are totally natural. Some natural remedies might help reduce visibility, but they often stay forever. Can you imagine being so uncomfortable in your skin because of something you have no control over? It sounds very unfair to you and your body.

5. Foreheads

Women can be insecure about the size of their foreheads, especially when people like to comment on it. But according to one man, “It ain’t that big of a deal.” He’s right. The people that love you don’t care about the size of your forehead any more than they care about the size of your ears.

6. Freckles

Freckles are natural. It’s not like we can choose to have or not to have them on our faces. Why most women think they are something to cover up with makeup beats me. Most men also think they are beautiful as well. “I want to find the person who told women freckles should be covered up and have a strongly worded conversation with them,” a contributor hilariously shared. They continue, “Maybe it’s just me, but I have a serious weakness for freckles. From a dusting across the bridge of a woman’s nose to head-to-toe ginger freckles. I think they’re gorgeous.”

7. Small Lips

Who set the standards for lips? Because this is one silly trend! Your lips are beautiful, just the way they are. Someone adds, “Never once have I said ‘she would be so hot, but her lips are too small.’ I dunno who started the whole ‘bloated like they were stung by bees on their lips thing,’ but they suck.” Most replies agree too. Do you agree?

8. Tummy Pouches

Having a completely flat tummy is quite unrealistic for most people. It’s uncommon to see, and only a handful of people can boast about this. But the good thing is most men don’t even care about that. One gushes about it: “That little pouch under the belly that’s visible when women wear skirts or tight dresses. I heard many women complain that they think it makes them look fat and are insecure about it. I can tell you one thing: it absolutely makes me crazy. It is cute and gorgeous all at once.”

9. Height Issues

Most women can feel insecure about their height, not just because they are short. Sometimes, it can be because they are tall. You hear women say they wished they were taller or shorter. But, one would hardly hear a guy complain about the height of the woman he’s head over heels for.

10. Eyebrows

The last on the list shouldn’t even be an issue. It irks me to see women shave beautiful eyebrows because they want them to look good. Who said having full eyebrows isn’t beautiful? Eyebrows are beautiful in all shades, and it doesn’t matter if they are thick, thin, straight, or arched!

Source: Reddit.

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