10 Jaw-Dropping Concert Moments That Still Haunt Fans

A recent online post asks live music fans to share their wildest live performance stories. Here are ten jaw-dropping concert moments that haunt fans to this day.

1. Neil Young Gets Cherry Bombed

Neil Young
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When Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young joined forces for a show at the Tampa Bowl one summer evening, they declared they had a permit to perform until the early hours but would first be playing an acoustic set. Sadly, a small number of inebriated diehards weren’t happy and attacked the stage, throwing a cherry bomb at Neil Young. The gig was subsequently canceled.

2. Waylon Jennings Loses the Crowd

Waylon Jennings
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Veteran country music star Waylon Jennings made the Lollapalooza bill in 1996, much to the dismay of the alternative rock and metal fans. Placing Jennings third from the headliner was a bad move; the warmed-up crowd was bristling for their thrash metal and booed poor Jennings off the stage. Although James Hetfield invited him back onstage to jam a song together, and he finished his set, one can only imagine his shame.

3. 50 Cent Lasts 25 Minutes

50 Cent
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In another mismatched headliner appearance, 50 Cent accepted a slot on Reading Festival’s 2004 lineup. Putting him late on a Sunday was a brave choice, and it took no time for a well-oiled audience to turn on the rapper and his G-Unit homies. The rock fans booed and threw bottles, which the angry performers began throwing back. The hip-hop star left the stage when the barrage of plastic vessels became too much.

4. Ozzy Fans Hate Blind Melon

NEW YORK CITY - APRIL 24: The Osbourne clan, Kelly, Sharon, Ozzy and Jack (l-r), attend the premiere of the documentary "God Bless Ozzy Osbourne" at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 24, 2011 in New York City, NY
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Warming up for a rock megastar isn’t easy, but spare a thought for Blind Melon, who had to support Ozzy Osborne and Alice in Chains’ co-headlining tour. The crowd booed as soon as they hit the stage; even when the band abandoned its opener for the hit single, “No Rain,” they found no reprieve from the baying mob.

5. Jefferson Airplane Nose Dive

Jack Cassady and Jorma Kaukonen, Jefferson Airplane
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The San Francisco band made their name in the ’60s as they rode the wave of psychedelia that hit the West Coast and beyond. However, one concertgoer found the band lacking in a gig many years later when vocalist Grace Slick showed up loaded, singing different songs to the ones the band was playing. When the crowd bayed for “White Rabbit,” the singer refused and gave them an analogy about not wanting to eat peanut butter sandwiches.

6. Don’t Fear the Dry Ice Machine

Blue Oyster Cult
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Blue Oyster Cult is renowned for its professional, energetic live shows. However, in one comical ’80s gig, a fan noticed something hilarious. Toward the show’s end, the band launched into “Born to be Wild” as the dry ice machine went into overdrive. Subsequently, Eric Bloom bumped into Buck Dharma, mouthing the words, “Where’s the mic?” before crawling on his hands and knees to find it. Before long, a roadie ran onto the stage and handed Bloom a replacement, then tripped on the lost mic as he left the stage.

7. Bono Makes a Stand

The U2 stars Bono and The Edge
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U2 made huge waves throughout the ’90s and new millennium with their FM-friendly, arena-filling rock pop. However, at one British gig, Bono stopped a song and began slow clapping to make a point about how, with each clap, an African child would lose their life. Tired of the charade, an audience member recommended Bono stop clapping.

8. Ashlee Simpson’s Lip Synch Miscue

Ashlee Simpson
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Living in her big sister’s shadow must have been challenging for young Ashlee Simpson back in the day, though she did herself no favors sometimes. In her famed Saturday Night Live ‘performance,’ the singer famously missed her cue on a song, revealing the song would be lip-synched. Simpson smiled nervously and left the stage on live TV.

9. Carl Palmer’s Inadvertent Stage Dive

Carl Palmer
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When watching the great Emerson, Lake, and Palmer at their university concert, a local student recalls when the band returned for their first encore. A shirtless Carl Palmer ran from behind his drums in feverish excitement, only to disappear into the orchestra pit — much to the crowd’s shock. The drummer emerged with some painful-looking welts on his shirtless back, though he gave his fans a wave and finished the set.

10. Megadeth Drummer Collapses

Metallica performs on stage
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The ’90s were a gold era for thrash metal, with Metallica, Megadeth, and Slayer hitting their peak following. A strange moment occurred in a late ’90s gig when their drummer, Nick Menza, collapsed mid-song, dropping to the floor. Roadies dragged him from the stage, sent in his understudy, and the band completed the gig without a hitch. This moment may have been ominous; post-Megadeth, Menza collapsed during a gig aged 51 and died following a heart attack.

Source: Quora.

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