10 Non-Kitchen Tools That Make Cooking Easier

Kitchen MacGyvers are everywhere — I am a fully paid club member. While the Gordon Ramsays and Esther Chois of this world endorse the best kitchen gadgets money can buy, some of us need to be more spontaneous, utilizing whatever we can find. However, according to Internet users in a recent online post, some non-kitchen tools do better.

1. Ski Goggles

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While I am sure I’m not the first to use these in the kitchen, ski goggles are perfect for cutting onions. I have susceptible eyes, so the faintest exposure to sulfenic acid sets my eyes watering. Any protective eye device works, though goggles have the wow factor when your significant other strolls in to find you standing in a ski mask, cooking a romantic meal.

2. Tweezers or Pliers

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Deboning fish is a meticulous process, though it is made easier by a pair of decent pliers or tweezers. One commenter shares a great mom idea if you don’t have these lying around. “My mom uses a hemostat, those locking tweezer-like things doctors use,” says the observer.

3. Binder Clips

Binder Clips
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Anyone who has worked with parchment paper will understand how annoying the paper’s flimsy texture can be. Thankfully, this keen home chef has a solution: “We use binder clips to hold the parchment to the edge of the pan,” explains the cook. “They are also good to clip small bags closed if we are out of plastic bag clips.”

4. A Plumber’s Blowtorch

kitchen blowtorch with blue flame
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“I guess it’s pretty common, but I use a plumber’s torch all the time,” starts the following thread. I love picturing this gentleman in his welding mask blitzing a line of créme brulées. I prefer the simple chef’s blowtorch; some meals need restraint. “Benzo but with a Coleman canister,” adds another blowtorch enthusiast, with a sentence I can only half understand.

5. A Clean Toilet Brush

Toilet Brush
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I had to double-take at this butcher’s suggestion, too, but stay with me. “It works great! It’s super important and tricky to get grinders clean,” remarks the meat expert. “Especially for sausage making and charcuterie, where you really, really don’t want to introduce pathogens.” Disclaimer: he means a clean-sterilized toilet brush — not the same one they use in the restroom.

6. Smashing the Smash Burgers

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“I just recently bought a flexible 4″ drywall putty knife for scraping and flipping smash burgers,” shares a proud burger aficionado. However, he’s not finished there and adds, “Also, I use an infrared thermometer for monitoring my pan temps when doing smash burgers.” I can only imagine how precise this man’s smash burgers look.

7. Trauma Shears

Trauma Shears
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It is the first time I heard these two words together, though according to one adherent, they make great kitchen scissors. “They can cut through denim seams,” notes a fan, “so they do pretty well on anything tough.” Perhaps there is a strong crossover between surgical instruments and food preparation apparatus — a macabre connection?

8. Terracotta Plant Pot

Terracotta Plant Pot
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Terracotta pots make perfect sense if you don’t want to build or pay for a tandoor (Indian wood-fired oven). One observer says he bought it for making tandoori chicken and naan bread, though he only used it once. Nevertheless, its double-use status means not all is lost. “If worse came to worst, I could use it for planting a plant,” the tandoor fan adds.

9. Wine Bottle Rolling Pin

Wine Bottle
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I am unsure whether this counts, considering the wine’s proximity to being in the kitchen. However, we are lenient here, so a wine bottle — or any cylindrical item — rolling pin makes the cut here. “It’s super easy to clean, and I don’t have any problems with dough sticking,” claims the user.

10. Sandwich Brick

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“A brick, covered nicely in foil,” someone writes. The next poster asks what we are all thinking: “What do you do with the brick?” Not one to mess with words, the thread poster replies, “Pressing sandwiches.” And there you have it; bricks make pressed sandwiches, and who will argue with that? I press mine with my hand.

Source: Reddit.

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