10 Overlooked Celebrity Secrets That Slipped Past Public Attention

Some celebrity secrets blow up in the media, like Kim Kardashian and Ray J’s intimate tape, Tom Sandoval’s affair, or Solange and Jay-Z’s infamous elevator slap. But some celebrity secrets get exposed and then seemingly forgotten. I suspect top-notch PR teams are behind this, so kudos to them for doing their jobs. Nevertheless, the information is still out there. Below are ten celeb rumors and scandals, some funny and others dark, that nobody ever talks about.

1. Tyga Dating a Teenage Kylie Jenner

Rapper Tyga
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Most people know that rapper Tyga and makeup mogul Kylie Jenner dated for a while and were pretty serious. This was Kylie’s first big relationship, and the press was all over it. But everyone neglected to address that she was only 17 years old when they started dating, while he was 24. It was predatory and probably illegal, depending on which state they were standing in.

2. Paula Abdul’s Plane Crash Lie

Paula Abdul
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Since roughly 2003, Paula Abdul has been claiming she experienced a plane crash on a flight from St. Louis to Denver. She claims the plane caught fire, and she suffered head and spine injuries. However, there is no evidence of this crash, and her story keeps changing. It’s odd to lie about, but everyone seems to have forgotten her weird fib.

3. Tom Cruise’s Estrangement From His Daughter

Tom Cruise
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According to many reports over the years, Tom Cruise has no contact with his daughter, Suri. Suri is now seventeen years old, but it’s estimated that Cruise has not seen or spoken to her in over a decade due to his strict Scientology beliefs, which his ex-wife Katie Holmes does not share. Their estrangement is rarely talked about in prominent media.

4. Paul Walker’s Teen Girlfriends

Paul Walker
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Paul Walker, like Tyga, was also guilty of dating teenagers when he was a full adult. At 28, he had a 16-year-old girlfriend, and she was not the first minor he had dated when he was well into his 20s. His death was a tragedy, but the way everyone has forgotten about his predatory behavior is alarming.

5. Gal Gadot Shamed Her Friend After an Assault

Gal Gadot
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Gal Gadot preaches kindness on social media and stands against bullying, but she herself is a bully. According to a Medium article that was later removed, she sent a friend to meet a man she knew in the industry. He took advantage of Gal’s friend, brutally and unapologetically assaulting her. When she confided in Gal, the actress blamed her for the assault, telling her she was stupid and it was her own mistake to go to the club.

6. Shailene Woodley Eats Clay

Shailene Woodley
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I don’t know how this weird gossip was buried because it’s hilarious and oh-so Gwyneth Paltrow-esque. Shailene Woodley has done interviews about her strange diet, admitting to ingesting clay as a way of detoxing. She claims it cleans out heavy metals and refreshes the body, but it just sounds like she’s a kindergartner who didn’t get the memo not to eat the Play-Doh.

7. Beyonce Performing for a Dictator

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The Beyhive is very powerful and intimidating, and they bury every negative news about their queen. One New Year’s Eve, the singer gave a private concert to Libyan dictator Muammar al-Qaddafi’s son for an estimated $2 million. While she preaches love and respect, she thinks homophobic dictatorships are okay.

8. Halsey Used To Run a One Direction Fan Blog

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This one is just funny. Halsey used to be an intense One Direction fangirl and even ran a very active blog about the singing group. When Taylor Swift began dating Harry Styles in 2012, Halsey took to her blog to rant about it and even posted a hateful video of her singing “The Haylor Song,” in which she says Taylor will hurt Harry and doesn’t deserve him.

9. Julia Roberts’ Hateful Personality

Julia Roberts
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Emma Roberts’ horrid personality often comes up in celebrity gossip discussions, but Julia Roberts seems to get a pass for some reason. According to many in the industry, Julia Roberts is rude, nasty, and dismissive toward anyone she deems below her, which is most people. Nevertheless, her career has flourished, and most casual fans don’t know she’s obnoxious and insufferable.

10. Zendaya and Harvey Weinstein’s Friendship

Zendaya Coleman
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I’m using the term friendship here, but some people think Zendaya and Harvey Weinstein were more involved than that. He’s not around anymore, but she sang his praises before he went to prison, and they seemed close. She tweeted about meeting him on the red carpet, and there are even rumors he bought her a car and got her the role of MJ. Maybe she’s not as morally sound as her fans believe.

Source: Reddit.

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