10 Personal Encounters with A-Listers Who Left a Lasting Impression

They say never to meet your heroes. However, not all encounters are harmful, and a recent online post proves how generous some stars are with their time and money, according to starstruck Internet users.

1. Lewis Black Teaches Cards

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The irreverent standup comic is also a fan of the tables, where he met our first poster while playing craps in Las Vegas. Upon noticing the starstruck individual, Black asked whether he knew how to play. “I said I didn’t, and he immediately spent $200 teaching me how to play craps and wouldn’t let me put any of my own money down since I was learning,” explains the lucky guy. Lewis Black, you legend.

2. Gordon Ramsay Shows His Fatherly Side

Gordon Ramsey Hells Kitchen ITV Studios
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Contrary to his on-screen persona, the world-famous British TV chef is renowned as good-humored and friendly. An observer notes how his Godsister once served Ramsay lunch at a hotel. “She was so nervous,” writes the relative. “She spilled something, but he just gave her a really fatherly warm smile and went, ‘No, it’s okay, my darling,’ and continued with his conversation.”

3. Jeff Goldblum Supports the Underdog

Jeff Goldblum Universal Pictures
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The esoteric actor has a strong screen presence, matched by a generous personality, says one commenter who once worked as a set gopher on a production with him. When a bad-natured movie set, Karen was berating the production assistant, Goldblum showed his good nature. “He must have heard her because he turned around and came over to talk to us.”

4. Spock Puts Captain Kirk to Shame

Star Trek William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy
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Someone (I assume is a fanatical Trekkie) boasts of meeting William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy on separate occasions. “Shatner was a jerk and just wasn’t very nice at all; I’ve been around him twice, and he was the same both times,” laments the disappointed fan. “Leonard, on the other hand, was incredibly cool.”

5. Paris Hilton Gives a Good Impression

Paris Hilton
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A hung-over hotel clerk had to change the heiress-cum-megastar’s itinerary early one morning and was “pleasantly surprised” when she finally met her guest. “She was absolutely the nicest person to deal with,” raves the contributor. “She was really sweet and patient; she made small talk while I changed her reservation and seemed genuinely kind.”

6. Hugh Jackman Lays on the Breakfast

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Wolverine showed his tender side when he noticed fans sleeping outside the movie theater for the X-Men Origins: Wolverine premiere. An observer’s friend was one of the dedicated campers, “He said he woke up, and he was told that Hugh Jackman had bought everyone who camped breakfast.” Thanks to the Australian actor, “at least 100 people” woke up to a breakfast sandwich and orange juice that day.

7. Will Smith Demonstrates Humility

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Have we forgiven Will yet? According to several fans, until ‘Slapgate,’ the star was regarded as one of the good ones. “Worked a private event for him a couple of years back,” recalls one commenter. “He made sure to thank each and every employee when he arrived and before he left.” Moreover, he was well-mannered and didn’t slap anybody.

8. The Four Hobbits Invade a Video Store

Lord of the Rings Elijah Wood Sean Astin 1
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A New Zealander regales us with the next anecdote involving Elijah Wood, Sean Astin, Billy Boyd, and Dominic Monaghan visiting her mom’s video store during the making of the Rings trilogy. “They were so excited to have a movie marathon,” remarks the shocked Kiwi. “I thought it was super cute.” I wonder what they would have made of his early alien horror gorefest, Bad Taste.

9. Dolly Parton Reminds Exudes Class

Dolly Parton
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“Dolly Parton is without a doubt one of the most polite, friendly, and welcoming human beings I have ever met,” states a complimentary live event employee who wired backstage at one of Parton’s concerts. “She entered the room and greeted everybody like they were family.” Dolly is one of those transparently kind people who exude humanity wherever they go — if America weren’t a republic, she would make a good monarch.

10. Paul Rudd Joins the Paper Airplane Gang

Paul Rudd Columbia Pictures 1
Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures

If there were any actor I’d like to meet or have a beer with, it would be Paul Rudd. The evergreen comedy actor is another genuinely good guy when the cameras aren’t rolling. A fan shares a brief — though totally believable Paul Rudd anecdote: “We were flying paper airplanes in the hallway, and he joined in; he was super friendly and nice.” Yes, you can picture this scenario, can’t you? And that is why we love Paul Rudd.

Source: Reddit.

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