10 Phrases That Are False and People Need To Stop Saying Them

We often encounter phrases that have become ingrained in our cultural discourse, shaping our thoughts and actions. However, it is crucial to critically examine the validity of these commonly repeated statements by shedding light on their fallacies. Let’s explore ten misleading phrases that members of an online community think we should stop saying.

1. “Be Yourself”

The amount of times we’ve all heard this phrase is ridiculous. Not only is it misleading, but also untrue. It suggests that there is no room for growth or change. As someone describes, their better moments meant not doing what they wanted but overriding themself. In more unfortunate cases, some even use this statement to excuse their horrible behavior. As one person aptly responds to the statement, “Don’t if you’re a terrible person.”

2. “What Goes Around, Comes Around”

This statement is clearly false, as many users believe not everyone gets what they deserve. You may find horrible people living their best lives simply because what goes around doesn’t always come around. In the same breath, many also give up on karma as they see morally sound people living miserable lives.

3. “Looks Don’t Matter”

As much as looks shouldn’t matter, the bitter truth is that they do. One member says that this unfortunate reality extends beyond the romantic sphere. Many believe that looks impact friends, job interviews, daily interactions, and much more. The treatment of people who are conventionally looking versus those who are not is vastly different.

4. “Humans Only Use 10% Of Their Brains”

A member recalls the time in their high school when the assistant band director told them this, and the biology teacher responded, “Maybe the director does, but most of us use much more than that.” Another user adds, “It’s like saying we only use 33% of a traffic light.”

5. “Work Hard, and You’ll Succeed”

Yes, working hard can make you more prone to success, but it can never guarantee it. One person goes as far as to say that success rarely mirrors work ethic. Factors such as luck, timing, and privilege also count. After all, if this phrase were accurate, hardworking poor people and lazy rich folks won’t exist.

6. “Everything Happens for a Reason”

This statement only serves as a coping strategy. One person refuses to believe that innocent toddlers contracting terminal illness fulfills some bigger goal. Regarding comforting, the only person getting consoled by this statement is the one saying it and not the person going through the problem.

7. “It’s All Part of God’s Plan”

An atheist mentions attending two funerals in the past week and not being convinced by either chaplain that an actual plan is being fulfilled. This phrase is based on the assumption that the world is inherently just and that whatever bad exists, exists because of one’s own doing. It only cuts down on empathy since people assume those in bad situations must have done something to deserve such a fate.

8. “If You Aren’t Guilty, You Have No Reason To Get Defensive”

This statement makes little sense as one person says how innocent people have the most valid reason to be defensive. They further argue that guilty people can calmly explain why they wouldn’t commit the crime. On the other hand, innocent people are taken aback by such allegations and react defensively.

9. “The Customer Is Always Right”

Many folks working in the service sector share how untrue this idea is. The market is full of entitled and unreasonable customers who refuse to treat the staff decently. One person says it’s frustrating to know they can’t talk to the customer in the same tone as them or else they’d get fired.

10. “Practice Makes Perfect”

This phrase is notorious for putting pressure on perfection. If anything, practice makes progress, or as one user quotes, “Practice makes better.” It is essential to let go of restrictive definitions that focus on an unattainable or unreasonable outcome.

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Source: Reddit.

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