10 Popular Tastes and Smells That Repulse the Internet

When it comes to tastes and smells, the old saying, “To each his own,” was never more accurate. You offer someone a stick of peppermint chewing gum and watch them recoil. A co-worker turns slightly green when you offer to treat them to coffee.

Exceptions to the Norm

But…How could someone not like mint? Candy canes! Mint chocolate chip ice cream! Toothpaste, for heaven’s sake! As for coffee, isn’t it pretty much the lifeblood of the universe?

Apparently not, according to a popular online forum that recently posed the question, “What is a smell or taste that other people commonly enjoy but is repulsive to you?” Boy, did they get answers! Hold your nose if you must, and read on.

1. Coffee

Man drinking black coffee
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“I don’t care what kind or how it’s roasted — it all is absolute trash to my nose, and I can’t be around it,” shudders one forum member. Another commenter would ban indoor java consumption: “People should drink it outside, along with the smokers.”

And if you’re stuck in a situation where it’s coffee or nothing? Just doctor it with cream and some sugar or one of those fancy syrups. “I can enjoy coffee after I’ve made it taste nothing like coffee,” explains one reluctant drinker.

2. Nutella

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This chocolate hazelnut spread is beloved by many — but not by all. “Nutella is like chewy wood sawdust to me,” moans one commenter. Never mind that it’s incredibly popular not just as a sandwich spread but also as the star of recipes for cakes, cookies, brownies, crepes, hot cocoa, and even cheesecake. To some folks, it’s just gross. “‘ Angel poop,’ as a friend so eloquently puts it. I hate Nutella,” one forum user declares.

3. Energy Drinks

Energy drinks
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It’s a massive market in the U.S. and growing stronger every year. Maybe it’s an acquired taste, but one forum member who tried a wildly popular energy drink describes it as tasting “like feet and bubble gum.”

Now there’s a vivid image. Another commenter recalls a fad of mixing Jäegermeister with energy drinks: “The whole bar would smell like a urinal to me.” Apparently, that drink mix is called “the Bro” in some areas, and that’s all we need to know about it.

4. Bacon

Bacon strips
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Blasphemy! Yet one forum member feels bacon is “The most overrated food ever.” Another agrees: “I absolutely can’t stand bacon at all: not the smell, taste, or texture. I can’t fathom how it is so universally beloved.” Okay, folks, you do you. Enjoy your lettuce and tomato sandwiches.

5. Men’s Cologne

Man using perfume
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Ever worked alongside a guy who thinks if a bit of cologne is good, a lot must be better? Same. But for some people, even a slight whiff is too much. “Men’s cologne makes me sick on a visceral level,” one forum user declares.

Another, who identifies as “a guy,” thinks that most cologne is pretty awful: “Corporate dudes bathe themselves in the stuff, and it just adds to their obnoxiousness.” Here’s a tip, fellas: Spray the cologne in the air ahead of you, then quickly walk through the resulting mist. It works for women and perfume.

6. Artificial Sweeteners

artificial sweetener and cube shape sweet on black
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Aspartame, sucralose, and others wind up in many commercially prepared beverages and baked goods. Not everyone’s a fan. “They smell and taste like crushed aspirin to me,” claims one forum user. Sugar-free drinks are a particular bugaboo for some forum users. “I don’t know how people deal with the aftertaste/filmy feeling in their mouth,” says one commenter.

7. Cinnamon

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Gum, candies, baked goods, air fresheners — it’s hard to avoid cinnamon. Some people do their best, though. One commenter loves the aroma but can’t abide “Even the tiniest bit of cinnamon” in their food. “Sadly, so many desserts have cinnamon in them.” And those who hate cinnamon must honestly dread autumn due to the onslaught of…

8. Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin spice latte in a glass mug with cinnamon, nutmeg and cookies
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It seems like the entire world goes mad in September when we’re bombarded with pumpkin spice coffee, candles, baked goods, potpourri — even pumpkin spice Cheerios (!). Cinnamon is a significant component, as is nutmeg.

“Not a fan of having nutmeg thrown into various savory dishes as ‘something different,'” a forum member writes. Another “Accidentally” tried pumpkin spice coffee once. “Nearly spit it out,” they recall. “Pumpkin flavor is terrible.”

9. Lavender

Woman using lavender essential oil
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This herb is a wildly popular fragrance for candles, lotion, soap, potpourri, laundry, and cleaning products. Yet some folks can’t stand to be near it. “I have an immediate physical reaction of repulsion to lavender,” writes one commenter.

Another forum member spent a year in the lavender-producing region of France, where the herb is widely used in food, drinks, and household items. “I’d take my lunch breaks behind the rail yard just for the change of smell,” they recount. “Exhaust fumes, grease, and smoke were preferable to the oppressive weight of constant lavenders.”

10. Sour Cream

Naples, USA - May 17, 2022: Sign label for product of Vermont creamery Creme Fraiche as french cultured sour cream closeup macro of packaging
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In the day, sour cream had gone sour (or “fermented,” to use the foodie euphemism). These days, sour cream is fermented with lactic acid bacteria. Yum. “It tastes like spoiled milk,” one commenter complains. (Well, it is, kind of…?)

Many people love it on baked potatoes or tacos, but those who hate it really hate it. According to another forum member, “Sour cream is the worst human creation ever!”

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