Need Extra Money? These 11 Side Hustles Can Be Rewarding For Gen Z and Boomers Alike

Want to make extra money doing something you enjoy? If you have spare time, try a side gig to boost your income in this economy. These activities could reward all generations, from Gen Z to Boomers. People worldwide seek enjoyable and easy ways to meet their needs and maybe a few wants. We asked people about their passive income streams and found some entertaining answers.

1. Creating Model Trains

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One exciting answer we received was from someone who enjoys making model trains. Other than children, many adults enjoy a model train running around the house. It can create a vibrant environment and liven up the place, and it adds electronics to the train and paints them. You may want to sell your sets if you’re retiring and relocating.

2. Escorts For Weddings

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One business owner let us know they act as escorts for dogs at weddings. Their job is to maintain the dog’s well-being, help with photographs, drive them around, and make life easier for the bride and groom. This business works because of the high demand because people can’t take care of their pets while enjoying the big day. It pays well; you can play with a cute dog as a bonus. Making extra money from this gig can be fun if you like working with dogs.

3. Career Guide

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This one is both surprising and not; many people require guidance and will pay for it. As this guide on the internet found, it’s pretty easy. He answers questions while commuting. Most of the work calls for fixing resumes, offering feedback, and helping review career decisions. The most significant incentive is that it’s a flexible job.

4. Make Honey

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We’ve got so much talent in the world; no wonder people monetize it. We found someone who started selling honey after getting a beehive. They sell it for a rate and are working on making stores of honey. Although their business model works in the long term, it’s a hobby they enjoy that pays off.

5. Party Entertainer

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This is the right side hustle if you’re thinking of something that will constantly pay up. Although initial investments for the costumes, gears, and rehearsal were high, as the entertainer informed us, it paid off in the long run. They do all sorts of performances and remain in touch with groups who can put on a show for multiple events like children’s birthdays, corporate events, weddings, etc.

6. Flipping Motorcycles

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Taking vehicles, refurbishing them, and selling them is something many people are doing these days. One mechanic started with vintage motorcycles due to the availability of parts and customer demand. Plus, some of these bikes often don’t need many replacements and can earn you more profits than others.

So the user advised keeping your initial investment on the bike below $1500 and only buying what you can fix.

7. Translation

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Monetize those bilingual skills, something you can easily do on the internet. Capitalizing on your language skills is even better if you’re multilingual. Many polyglots sign up with translation companies and make enough money to support themselves without any other job.

So, it’s not just a side hustle but something you could opt for if you like working with people and are good at languages.

8. Graphic Design

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Quite a few people pick up this skill but must remember how useful it can be. For instance, this designer started with illustrations they posted on social media, leading to scoring freelance clients. They would post their finished work and build a clientele.

Eventually, they made enough to offer a heat press and vinyl cutters and have been making money through social media. Never underestimate the power of pictures and those who post them and make them.

9. YouTube

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While you have to put in some effort, as this YouTuber reported, the channel can eventually make money if you keep adding consistent videos. So they monetized it after a rise in followers, which was good timing. So, although it might be active, if you create content people would like to watch, you can make a pretty decent sum.

10. Photography

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If you can get a camera and practice your skills with friends who will be flattered, this advice can work for you. A photographer did recommend keeping high rates, which makes sense for something on the side. Their best client is a store, so if you can pitch yourself to something similar, you can guarantee a regular income stream.

11. Blogging or Freelancing

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If you have free time and enjoy writing, why not consider becoming a freelancer and writing for others? Alternatively, create a blog and write on a subject you have some expertise that is in demand. Blogging has more costs upfront and ongoing, but it can be more rewarding in the long run to either quit your job or make extra money. Although some people say bloggers make passive income, it takes a while before you can make money from ads and affiliate marketing.

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