10 TV Series Where Every Episode Feels Like Groundhog Day

Most TV series follow a specific plot formula that makes each episode feel like they’re a part of the same show. But some are more predictable than others. Shows like Bones (2005-2017) and Dora the Explorer (2000-2019) are great examples of series so formulaic that fans can usually predict what will happen next.

1. Survivor (2000-present)

Image Credit: CBS Studios.

This famous survival reality series has had the same formula for 45 seasons and doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon. The castaways on the island get put into tribes, and viewers watch as they squabble. Then, they do some challenges, discuss as a group, and eliminate players in each episode.

2. Bones (2005-2017)

Bones (2005)
Image Credit: 20th Century Fox Television.

As police procedurals go, Bones is more predictable than many, which is saying something. The team discovers a gruesome homicide. Then, they do some insane science that would never work in the real world. In the end, more often than not, the perpetrator was a close friend or family member of the victim that no one suspected.

3. Phineas and Ferb (2007-2015)

Phineas and Ferb
Image Credit: Disney Television Animation.

This popular children’s animated series follows the same plot in each episode. There’s always a central plot with the step-siblings as they build some extravagant gadget, and their sister attempts to get them in trouble with their mom. The side plot often involves Perry the Platypus as he goes on spy missions to save the world from Dr. Doofenshmirtz. The episodes always end the same way: something happens in one of the plot lines, resulting in the mom never finding out about the boys’ inventions.

4. Dora the Explorer (2000-2019)

Dora the Explorer
Image Credit: Nickelodeon.

Children’s series tend to follow a formula, but Dora the Explorer may be the biggest culprit. Dora always has a mission to complete, using her map to guide her. Swiper always steals something and hinders Dora’s plans. But in the end, Dora always accomplishes her task with the viewer’s help.

5. Property Brothers (2011-2019)

Property Brothers
Image Credit: Warner Bros. Television Studios.

Property Brothers is a reality show about twin brothers who help people decide whether to renovate and keep their current home or buy a new dream place for their family. Most episodes follow the same premise: the family falls in love with a dream home but finds out it’s way out of their budget and ends up sticking with their original home when they see the fantastic renovation reveal at the end.

6. Yellowstone (2018-2024)

Image Credit: Paramount Network.

This drama series about a ranch owner’s quest to keep his land on his property never strays from the same formulaic plot in each episode. When the episode starts, some enemy tries to steal his land. The meat of the episode follows the ranch owner as he figures out how to hold onto his ranch. The next episode begins the same way, and so on.

7. House (2004-2012)

Image Credit: Universal Television.

House is a medical drama that’s beloved more for its main character’s development over the series than the actual medical cases. First, a patient falls ill with a life-threatening condition no doctor can diagnose. House comes in and claims he knows what it is and gives the patient some dangerous treatment that almost kills them. Now, on the brink of death, House finally figures out what’s wrong and saves their life before it’s too late.

8. Suits (2011-2019)

Image Credit: Universal Cable Productions.

Suits follows a team of New York City corporate lawyers who take on challenging cases for wealthy clients. Fans notice that every episode features a moment where the lawyers toss a manilla folder on the desk of their opposition, who reads its contents extraordinarily quickly and realizes they’ve lost.

9. Eureka (2006-2012)

Image Credit: Universal Media Studios.

This creative sci-fi series occurs in a town filled with geniuses who accidentally unleash chaos into the city at every turn. Each episode follows the same general guidelines: a brilliant scientist’s experiment has disastrous side effects, and the town cop figures out a solution somehow.

10. Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? (1969-1978)

Scooby-Doo, Where Are You
Image Credit: CBS.

Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? is a classic children’s series about friends traveling in a van with their doggy pal to solve paranormal mysteries. Every episode, the group travels somewhere in their van and gets caught up in a mystery involving supernatural creatures like monsters, zombies, or ghosts. They set a trap to catch the beast and realize it was never a monster but a person we met earlier in the episode attempting to scam someone.

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