10 Unrealistic Tropes in Movies That Drive Us Crazy

We mostly watch movies for the entertainment value and not really to get educated. So, once an element of a film, like the plot, CGI, or dialogue, can make us excited or entertained, we should be happy, right? But that’s not the case. When we come across unrealistic tropes or outlandish plots they can be a huge turnoff. We can get so mad we wouldn’t want to continue seeing the movie. But plenty of movies are filled with these tropes that we can hardly avoid. Some movies wouldn’t exist or be aesthetically pleasing if it weren’t for them.

In this article, we look at 10 unrealistic and overused tropes that drive us up a wall.

1. Hanging From a Ledge

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A personal trainer on an online platform confirmed that hanging from a ledge is nearly impossible. He said that he has regularly helped people work on their grip and hand strength. Because of that, “I get annoyed every time I see the ‘hanging from a ledge’ cliche in action films,” he said.

According to him, most people have trouble hanging from a pull-up bar for more than 30 seconds, even though a pull-up bar was designed to fit well in the hand. Even Tom Cruise can’t achieve this feat without his fingers slipping off in less than 10 seconds.

2. Freezing in Outer Space

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Movies often depict people who get exposed to the darkness of outer space as instantly freezing. But that is an erroneous representation. The vacuum of space is actually devoid of temperature, either hot or cold. Since there is no matter in space temperature can not occur since temperature is a function of heat energy in any given matter. Temperature transfer can not occur as well since there isn’t any matter in space to act as a medium. So, freezing to absolute zero in a matter of seconds as often shown in movies isn’t accurate.

3. Stopping the Engines Makes Spaceships Slowdown

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You might have heard a captain hurl this command from the bridge of a ship in a sci-fi space opera or some other type of film. But if the captain intends to make the ship slow down or halt, then they might be getting things wrong. Since there are no other forces in space to act on the ship except gravitational pull, it’ll keep traveling at the same velocity even if the engines are turned off.

4. Jumping Through a Window Glass Without a Scratch

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Breaking glass is not as easy as is portrayed in movies. An object with a sharp edge has to be aimed correctly at the glass. Depending on the type of glass, either heat-strengthened or laminated, specific methods need to be applied. Now, hurling your body at the glass to shatter it like actors do in movies is a different matter altogether. Even if you get the right speed and force to shatter it, thousands of shards of glass are raining down at you. You’re probably going to come out the other side with ruptured tendons and major arteries severed.

5. Cigarettes and Gasoline

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An actor, Jason Statham for instance, lines the perimeters of a building with gasoline, then on his way out he flicks a cigarette butt over his shoulders and everything goes boom. This is false. Cigarettes can’t ignite liquid gasoline. Rather, the gasoline will extinguish the cigarette. The fumes from the gasoline are the main burning agents, not the liquid itself. So if the cigarette doesn’t come in contact with the fumes, nothing explodes.

6. Dodging Between Shells

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The soldiers in movies who run between shell explosions on either side of them might not survive in real life. This is because shells are designed in most cases to kill anyone within a radius of hundreds of yards. They don’t need to land on them directly for the explosion to have an impact. Sure, it’s more dramatic in movies, but it’s false in real life.

7. Ducking

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When the hero hears gunshots of machine guns firing at him, he immediately ducks and runs for cover. He somehow reemerges and finishes off the bad guys with his knife and sharp wits. This is highly unlikely in real life. Either the hero was extremely lucky and the first barrage of shots all missed him, or he’d be dead in an instant. He wouldn’t even hear the first gunshot because that would have been the one that took him out since bullets travel faster than sound.

8. Permanent Parking Spot

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After spending hours in traffic in a major city like New York, honking and yelling at other drivers, the main character arrives at the office building of the big corporation where they work. By some magic, they get a parking spot right at the entrance of the building from where they run for five minutes to enter the building. Doesn’t work that way in real life.

9. Ripped Intellectual

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In movies these days, there’s often a techie or writer, or someone who is known to be some sort of intellectual, who takes his shirt off towards the end of the film and has chiseled abs and stunning chests. Never for once was this character shown to hit the gym throughout the movie, but suddenly, he undresses and is heavily built. Not very realistic.

10. Is Anyone There?

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Rather than look for help or arm themselves, characters in horror movies prefer to pipe up this overused question when they hear a strange sound in their home. Worse, they not only alert the stranger to their presence in the house by repeatedly asking this, but they also give up their exact location in the house through the sound of their voice.

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