10 Weird but True Facts That Sound Totally Made Up

Facts explain truths. Fact-checkers study facts and test them to determine their validity and reality. Most people base their lives around fact, not fiction. For example, most people know that human bodies contain 206 bones, but they might not know that ribs can regrow if removed or injured. Or maybe they know that peaches and nectarines look similar but don’t know they’re the same fruit. Let’s discuss other fake-sounding facts to keep you up at night.

1. Train Station Air Contains 15% Human Skin

Atocha Station, Madrid
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Breezing through New York City or Los Angeles on a train or subway is an efficient way to move around the city. Millions of passersby bustle through the train station each day, and with millions of people comes millions of particles of bacteria, germs, and skin. Researchers at the University of Colorado found that 15% of the air wafting through train stations carries human skin.

2. Holding in Gas Can Come Out of Your Mouth

Man having stomach pain after eating too much
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We all learn that matter cannot be created or destroyed. So, if you try to hold your gas in while settling your stomach, the substance may revert into your blood and later pass through your mouth as a burp. Hey, even bacteria need an escape route.

3. Peaches and Nectarines Are the Same Fruit

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Peaches have a fuzzy coating covering their succulent fruit. In contrast, nectarines have a smoother exterior, protecting their interiors, yet they are the same fruit. Peaches’ genetic makeup contains a dominant gene, thus explaining their fuzzy coating, while nectarines display the recessive gene.

4. Music Affects Cheese’s Flavor

Cheese Grater
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A few years ago, scientists did what they do best: they played music to cheese to examine its flavor. For six months, these professionals injected loops of rock, classical, hip-hop, and techno music straight into the wheels of cheese. Upon conclusion, culinary experts blindly tasted the cheeses and found that hip-hop cheese boasted a more robust flavor than the milder classical cheese.

5. Cheetahs Can’t Roar

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Not for their lack of trying, but the big cats do not possess the ability to roar like their big cat brothers and sisters. They may reach high-speed sprints of up to 70 mph, but the spotted big cats demonstrate their ferocity with a meow and a purr similar to that of a domestic house cat.

6. We See the Sun Eight Minutes Later

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What we see when we look at the ball of burning gas in the sky is always delayed by eight minutes. Due to the sun’s distance from us, it takes eight minutes for light to travel from the star to our eyes, meaning each time we squint toward the light, we witness whatever occurred eight minutes ago.

7. The Founder of Pringles Lays in a Pringle Can Coffin

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The genius behind the duck-beak-shaped salty crisps had one dream. After death, he wished for a burial in a Pringles can. The inventor of the snack got his wish, and Frederic Baur’s ashes reside in a classic red Pringles can. Baur rests in his invention in a Cincinnati cemetery.

8. Coconuts Are More Dangerous Than Sharks

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Fifty-one percent of Americans claim they’re scared of sharks. To combat this fear, they avoid swimming in the ocean, watching movies featuring sharks, or going on a cruise to prevent any potential contact with sharks. What they don’t know is coconuts have a thirty percent higher chance of killing someone than a shark attack.

9. Recreate Pac-Man’s Sound

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The yellow pizza slice-esque character emits a nostalgic noise while cruising through his track, trying to escape hungry ghosts. You can recreate the waka-waka sound by placing your finger in your ear and scratching it up and down. Go ahead, try it.

10. Human Ribs Grow Back

Human Ribs
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When lizards lose their tails, their cartilage regenerates, providing them with a new, albeit crooked, tail trailing behind them. Human bodies could regrow ribs if they lose or undergo surgery to remove a rib. Studies found the bone grows back within six months.

Source: Quora.

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