10 Winter Woes Only Those From Cold Climates Can Truly Grasp

People in Florida or Texas have no idea how brutal it can be to live in colder climates during the winter. While there’s beauty in the first snowfall and excitement in skiing and snowboarding, winter also has a dark side. People from the North shared the most terrible aspects of winter that people from the South couldn’t understand.

1. Car Troubles

Car stuck in snow
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Cars don’t like the cold. If it’s freezing enough, car batteries can refuse to start. Plus, snow is a big problem. If you live in a city and park on the street, you’ll have to move your car every time it snows so the city can plow. On top of that, you must shovel out your car and brush the snow off the top so it doesn’t become a hazard while driving. Once you finally get in the car, it’s so cold in there that holding the steering wheel hurts your hands.

2. Leaving Your Cozy Bed

Man feeling cozy in bed
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Cold in the dead of winter becomes all-encompassing. When you get into bed at night, you finally feel warm again. But trying to pry yourself out of bed for a shower before work in the morning can feel like torture. One person said they sleep in many layers to make the transition more bearable. But getting out of the warm shower after is a whole other story.

3. Wind Is Worse Than Cold

Woman feeling cold
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The cold is bad enough, but when you add brisk winds to the equation, coping becomes much less bearable. No matter how many layers you pile on, the wind will cut through your clothes and leave you shivering. Many people avoid going outside on windy days for this very reason.

4. Whole New Level of Cold

Woman feeling cold drinking coffee
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One user’s friend from a warmer climate assumed that the cold all feels the same once it reaches zero degrees Fahrenheit. But that’s not true at all. The colder it gets, the more uncomfortable and even dangerous it becomes to spend time outside. The risk of hypothermia gets worse when it becomes colder and colder.

5. Black Ice

Car in snow
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If you think driving is difficult with snow on the ground, you may be surprised to hear that walking isn’t much more manageable. Ice and snow are slippery for both people walking and cars driving, and cause many people to fall and injure themselves. While some ice can be spotted and avoided, black ice is a type that blends in with the ground but is extra slippery and, therefore, super dangerous.

6. Frozen Eyelashes

Frozen young man in snow
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When you go outside in the cold weather, you start to freeze. That means you can sometimes feel your moist eyelashes and nose hairs freezing together. People teach their kids not to go outside with wet hair in freezing weather. It will make you feel even colder, but when the wet hair freezes, it can easily break into chunks and give you an accidental and unpleasant new hairstyle.

7. It Hurts

Woman wearing muffler
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While extreme heat feels exceptionally uncomfortable, super cold air physically hurts. People must cover every inch of their skin to prevent the biting pain of cold if they want to spend time outdoors in the winter. “I am from a warm country and moved to Sweden last year. I was not ready for how much my ears would hurt if I didn’t wear a hat,” recounts one person.

8. It Takes Ages To Get Dressed

Woman dressing baby for cold weather
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Once the cold drops below twenty degrees Fahrenheit, wearing gloves, hats, and scarves becomes essential to fend off the cold. A jacket and some boots just won’t cut it. That means it takes a ton of extra time to get dressed to go outside every single time. Plus, when you arrive at school or work, you must find a place to store all your winter attire for the day while working in the heated building. It’s a massive hassle.

9. Dry Skin

Woman applying skincare cream for cold weather
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The cold often brings dry air, which means people’s skin dries out and begins to crack. Heaping on oodles of moisturizer doesn’t always cut it. People with severe skin conditions often just grin and bear it as their skin peels off and even bleeds for the entire winter.

10. It Feels Like Winter Will Never End

Whittier, Alaska
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The worst part about winter is that it feels like it lasts forever. In the northern states, summer lasts for three months or so. But cold weather emerges as early as November and doesn’t cease until March at the earliest. When you enter Canada and Alaska, winter and its darkness can last for eight months.

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