Hate the Twilight Saga? Here Are 10 of the Worst Characters Ranked By Fans

It’s time for a good dose of Twilight hate. What is it about this saga that fans love to hate so much? Could it be the weird story, mediocre acting, or Bella’s stupid twitchy face? Whatever it is, fans love to bash their favorite films, and today, they’ve ranked the top ten worst characters from the books and movies for your giggling pleasure. 

10. Bella Swan

Image from the movie Twilight
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I know what you’re thinking: how is Bella, not number one? But alas, she came in as the number ten spot. One person said, “Bella. Misogynistic, selfish, passive, and incredibly annoying. I fully understand why Rosalie wanted her dead initially.”

“She was a terrible friend in high school and a horrible daughter to Charlie, who deserves better. However, Bella thinks she’s better than other women because she believes she has a personality outside of boys when her only personality is her obsession with Edward.”

Another fan agreed, “She explicitly degrades every other girl around her that’s not a supernatural being or Angela. She legitimately thinks that Jessica and Lauren are in the wrong for disliking her after she runs off for a bike ride in the middle of the night with a group of unknown men. ”

“That’s messed up behavior, depressed or not, and she endangered Jessica’s life when she was only trying to be a decent friend by staying to wait for her.” Kristen Stewart, on the other hand, is incredible.

9. Jane

jane summit entertainment
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After someone nominated Jane, a fan informed, “Jane is permanently twelve in the books and was burned at the stake. I imagine being burned at the stake at twelve, then taken by vampires away from your family. Then you see Bella, who is permanently depressed and feels terrible for herself because she hates rain, gym class, and attention. Yeah, PAIN!

“Not to mention that the older vampires get, the less they remember being human, and Jane is several centuries old. So she has absolutely no sympathy for Bella or her human problems in the books or the movies.”

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8. Edward Cullen

Image from the movie Twilight
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“Edward,” one Twilight fan shared. “The guy is still severely immature. He watches her sleep and stalks her. And acts like Bella can’t make her own decisions and as if his answers are always correct. Then, he leaves her in the woods alone and troubled.”

“Then, when she becomes pregnant, he calls her selfish, like, no, you abandoned her once and left her depressed for months. Edward is selfish and didn’t grow up until Breaking Dawn.”

Another added, “Don’t forget the big red flag of removing her car battery so she can’t see her friend. Edward seemed great when we were fourteen, but he’s terrible and toxic. Also, the Twilight series is full of problematic tropes and stereotypes. Love Robert Pattinson, though.”

7. Renesmee Cullen

renesme twilight wiki
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“Renaissance because the series would be better without her,” shared one. For those not in the know, Renaissance is one of many different ways Twilight fans reference baby Renesmee. Especially after seeing that  Ratatouille of a baby doll. Another fan quoted Rosalie, “It’s just a baby,” while sharing a gif of her and – Resume

6. Sam Uley and Emily Young

sam and emily summit entertainment
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One fan replied, “Technically, this is a duo of despicable characters, Sam and Emily, for how they treated Leah. And if the imprint doesn’t have to be romantic, why couldn’t they be BFFs or be like each other’s person? Also, the wolves, including Sam and Emily, expected her to get over her cousin stealing her boyfriend!”

5. Paul Lahote

paul summit entertainment
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“Paul,” one fan confessed. “It just bugs me whenever he comes up. The extra temper screams red flags- wolf or not.” Another agreed, “Paul is also the name of one of Stephanie Meyer’s brothers. And the other siblings are called Seth, Jacob, and Heidi. She used her whole family; you can tell who she likes the most!”

4. Jacob Black

jacob black summit entertainment
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One fan shared, “I love Taylor Lautner, but Jacob Black. Why? Because he refused to accept Bella loved Edward, sexually assaulted her, manipulated her to kiss him, refused to move on, and then imprinted on her newborn daughter. Yikes!”

“Absolutely,” another agreed. “Age is just a number, baby.’ – Jacob Black, New Moon. The first of many, many red flags. Edward needs therapy, definitely, but Jacob is this persistent, unrelenting sex pest. He’s bad news. Plus, he stinks like a wet dog, and that’s just gross.”

3. Victoria

victoria summit entertainment
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“Victoria,” shared one. “Just all the audacity. It’s not anyone’s fault that her boyfriend, James, gets weirdly obsessive, yet she thinks she has every right to avenge that maniac.”

“Sacrificed many people and messed with Riley’s emotions, all for her freaky dead boyfriend. It drives me nuts how much I hate her. And the freaky dead boyfriend didn’t even care about her. He was using her, as confirmed in Midnight Sun.” 

2. Laurent

laurent summit entertainment
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Another Twilight fan exclaimed, “Laurent! He flip-flops more than footwear of the same name.” After someone confessed that they felt it odd he was Irina’s mate, another fan offered, “It’s almost an afterthought to have Irina be Laurent’s mate! Initially, with Forever Dawn, Victoria went to the Volturi about Renesmee, and she was the only one who died.”

“But Stephanie Meyer had to keep that plot and fill Victoria’s spot. So then Irina it was! I think it’s because she was the only Denali woman who didn’t have some interest in a male yet (Tanya had Edward, and Kate had Garrett), so she just filled it in there.”

1. Renée Dwyer

Renee Dwyer
Image Credit: Twilight Wiki

“Renée,” said one. “She’s not a bad mother in the way that she hurts her daughter but instead in the way that she is utterly incompetent. Renée is ill-equipped to be a parent, flighty, spoiled, and self-centered, and throughout the series, you can see how deeply this affects Bella.”

“Even if she doesn’t realize it, I do not doubt that she only took Bella with her to hurt Charlie because she shows so little interest in being a mother and forced Bella to grow up far too young. As a result, Bella became a parent not to raise another child but to raise her own mother, which is why I cannot abide that woman.”

“Bella loving her unconditionally just makes it sadder to me. Clearly, this love and respect are not returned to the same degree it is given, and that just breaks my heart. Bella DESERVES a mother who could love her like that, and I like to think she gets that from Esme,” a final Twilight fan commented.

What do you think? Did Reddit get this right, or is this list entirely off base?

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