11 Healthy Reasons People Opt Out of Drinking

Sadly, having seen several people suffer the effects of addiction, I have a love-hate relationship with alcohol. Meanwhile, it has given me some of my most fantastic nights — and worst mornings. While I still enjoy a good wine or, better still, a cold beer after a hot round of golf, I hardly partake these days. A recent online post asks people their reasons for not drinking. Here are their sober insights.

1. Liver Failure

Man having severe liver pain
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A previous heavy drinker explains their moment of clarity: they received a liver failure diagnosis due to the volume of grog consumed. “I stopped drinking and now no longer qualify for a transplant because I’m told, ‘You’re no longer ill enough to require a new organ,'” adds the erstwhile boozer.

2. Moderate Exposure

Nerd Man
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“Grew up a nerd, so I didn’t touch the stuff when I was young,” remarks the next observer. “When I was finally old enough to drink, I was old enough to see how many alcoholics were in my family.” A great way to abstain from drinking is being sober around people who are blind drunk — you will soon realize how dumb you look.

3. A New Lease

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A former “hard liquor every night” drinker explains how he “started to see dependence setting in,” and before, found it interfering with work and his personal life. “The final straw was when I went to the hospital for severe withdrawal symptoms,” concedes the commenter. The good news is that he is three weeks sober and is due for one month’s rehab.

4. Losing Bodily Control

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“I could deal with the body tremors and other withdrawal symptoms,” a newly converted teetotaller says, “but the shaky breathing gave me crazy panic attacks.” He continues, “I’m 38 days sober. It’s been a struggle over the past year, and I have had multiple relapses back to binge drinking.” This gentleman’s testimony should warn anyone needing a daily drink.

5. Depression Is Enough Already

Woman in depression
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“My father’s side (father included) are alcoholics,” explains our next wagon-bound contributor. “And with my depression, it’s just not a good idea.” No truer word was ever said; I will never see alcohol as a way to happiness; it takes far too much physical toll to warrant that discussion anyway. However, I concede it can occasionally lubricate social situations — though only in moderation.

6. Twenty Years of Wagon Time

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One proud commenter shares his twentieth anniversary of being sober, which is why he still avoids alcohol. “I still can’t believe it, honestly; it really had me bad,” recalls the observer. “Twelve bottles of Bud Ice nightly — ​​I still gotta stay away from stuff that reminds me.” Now, that is a ton of beer bottles to place on a wall.

7. Just, No

Man saying NO
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The thought of losing control of one’s capacities is too much for one who has no interest in ever turning to the bottle. “I’m always scared not to feel well,” says a clear-thinking man, “and I don’t like the feeling of being unable to control my thoughts very clearly.” I must admit that I have had some profound moments of wisdom while drinking, though they seem less profound the next day — I’m not sure why!

8. My Superpower

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The idea of losing social control can go both ways. Another drinker illustrates how they are socially awkward and hesitant until they have had a drink. “I’m friendly and funny and happy and outgoing when I’m drunk, and most of all, not afraid to be social: none of those things are true when I’m sober.” This scenario is probably the best reason to stop; if you can’t be confident without an addictive drug, you are in trouble.

9. I Can’t Be Trusted

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“Because I’m allergic,” jokes a commenter who can’t wait to get to his punchline. “Break out in handcuffs, misdemeanors, and felonies, ya know.” I once had an Irish friend in Vietnam, where I lived for four years. He was utterly teetotal — unlike all my other friends there. I once asked him what would happen if he were to have one drink, and his response came with a wry smile: “You would need property and liability insurance.”

10. Hangovers Get Worse — Much Worse

Man having hangover
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When you drink in your late teens (I am British) and early twenties, you can get up and function the next day without issue. However, once you hit 30, navigating the morning after the night before is much harder. “The way I feel during and after drinking is drastically different in my thirties than in my twenties,” warns a seasoned drinker who no longer enjoys the pastime. “Hangovers can last days!”

11. “I Drank A House”

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Most people quit drinking alcohol for health reasons, recognizing their vice was more of an addiction, and stopping “saved a ton of cash.” How much money did alcohol cost, you ask? One said, “When I got sober, I did napkin math, and ten years being a functional alcoholic resulted in a depressingly large dollar figure. I drank a house.”

Source: Reddit.

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