11 Jobs People Believe Are the Most Depressing Ever

Some professions are more challenging for staff to cope with day in and day out than others. Many depressing jobs are designed to help people in need but are soul-sucking for the employees.
One user on a popular internet forum wondered what others believed to be the most stressful or depressing jobs. Here are the top responses.

1. Children’s Oncologists

Working in the kids’ cancer ward sounds like a nightmare to many people. Some shared stories of family members who worked in pediatric oncology and noted that they rarely asked how their day went out of fear.
However, some other users disagreed and believed being an oncologist for children is rewarding because you can save lives.

2. Internet Moderators

Social media websites all have moderators who scour the sites for breaches of the rules. This can be anything from online bullying to discovering videos of graphic child abuse. In addition, these moderators often get free counseling to help process the disturbing images they see daily.

3. FBI Crimes Against Children Agents

A whole section of the FBI is dedicated to catching pedophiles and child abusers. But to find them, these agents must watch hours of graphic child pornography, searching for any little details to identify the kids or the perpetrator.

4. Memory Care Nurses

Nurses, in general, have a rough go of things. They work endless hours caring for sick and injured patients, cleaning up messes, and being exceptionally underpaid.
According to one nurse, working in the memory care unit is one of the most taxing nursing jobs. These patients usually die and can’t remember the nurse or their care.

5. Crime Scene Cleanup Technicians

I can imagine cleaning up bloodstains and broken glass day in and day out could take a toll on someone. That’s what crime scene cleanup technicians do, and many users believe this is one of the most depressing jobs someone could have.

6. Counselors at Domestic Violence Shelters

While becoming a counselor at a domestic violence shelter can be one of the most rewarding careers, it can also be taxing and emotional.
These counselors see abused women and children at their lowest of lows, and many of these women return to their abusive situations because they can’t afford to start a life on their own.

7. Social Workers

Social workers are underpaid and overworked, trying to balance critical cases to keep children safe. This job is highly challenging both emotionally and stressful.

8. Butchers

According to one commenter, slaughterhouses are one of the workplaces with the highest turnover. “My dad worked for a guy who ran one and who ended up taking his life.”

9. Crisis Center Hotline Representative

Receiving calls from people in crises over and over again can be traumatizing. These employees work hard to keep people safe on each call, but some users said the work could become depressing over time.

10. Veterinary Technician

Working as a vet tech means doing all the dirty work at the vet’s office. That means cleaning up animals’ bodily fluids, wrangling snarling dogs as they get vaccines, and even disposing of animal corpses when they are put down.
“I couldn’t do it,” one commenter shared. “I worked as a vet tech for about three months and doped on that.”

11. 911 Operator

Many users agreed that working as a 911 call operator could be hard on someone. For example, hearing the violent crimes happening nearby and the screams of victims begging for help can stay with you for life.
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