11 Remarkable Things Women Do That Deserve More Recognition

From breaking barriers in male-dominated fields to showing resilience in the face of all odds, women have been coming out of the patriarchal shadows, and it’s about time we give them the recognition that they deserve. Today, we’ll shine the spotlight on eleven remarkable things women do that go unnoticed.

1. Dealing With Dismissive People

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People don’t realize just how many microaggressions women have to deal with every single day. Since we’ve basically normalized these interactions, no one thinks they’re out of the ordinary.

It’s crushing to hear someone dismiss you in a conversation you’re passionate about because they believe your opinions are just not valuable enough. While you only have one mouth, you have twice the ears, so use them.

2. Pain Tolerance

Woman with back pain
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While pain tolerance can vary from person to person, women tend to have a higher one in general. Because they go through menstrual cycles, pregnancy, childbirth, and so much more, they tend to have thicker skin. Even things like threading and waxing are pretty standard to them, which might seem extra painful to others.

3. Hormone Fluctuations

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Calling women weak, over-sensitive, and an emotional wreck needs to stop because there are genuine reasons for them being more susceptible to mood changes. Their hormone cycles vary on a monthly basis, and so do their emotions, so the next time you see someone being irritable without reason, cut them some slack; it might just be the chemicals.

4. The Postpartum Experience

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Several people acknowledge how mentally and physically taxing childbirth can be, but not many people talk about the postpartum experience. After having a child, their bodies and minds still experience tons of changes, from depression to insomnia to hair loss and much more.

It takes a long time for women to feel like themselves again, but they still put a brave face on and push through the day.

5. Credit and Promotions in a Workplace

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In many male-dominated fields, getting a job in the first place is quite an ordeal. But, if they manage to break those barriers, women often get walked over by their counterparts who don’t take them seriously. While they do all the work, their colleagues take the credit, making getting promotions a nightmare.

6. Keeping Fandoms Alive

Cosplayers and fans
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Men are curative fans, while women are creative fans. While men collect and buy merchandise after a show or person has gained some visibility and credibility, women immerse themselves in new things.

They will share, post, write, and buy more stuff that helps generate more traction, keeping fandoms alive. It’s important to note that this is a general behavior and might vary based on individuals.

7. Effects of Birth Control

Birth Control
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Did you know that birth control has a lot of side effects like nausea, bloating, delayed periods, and even issues with mental health? However, women are expected to continue to deal with all the problems that come with it without being annoyed or frustrated. Stop putting an enormous amount of pressure on women to box their feelings into tiny containers and be more understanding.

8. Having To Be the Mature One

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This age-old problem has been around for longer than we can recall. Everyone is quick to justify male behavior as “boys will be boys,” while girls are supposed to mature sooner. While this seems like a compliment, it becomes an extra weight they need to carry because they’re not given a choice to be anything but mature.

9. Being Her Own Person

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A woman can’t be her own person. If she enjoys feminine things, she’s labeled a girly girl; if she tries to understand the male experience, she’s deemed a pick-me girl; and if she enjoys gaming, football, etc., she does it all for male attention. There is no way to be you when you’re always put into a cookie-cutter mold.

10. Work-Life Balance

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More and more women feel empowered to work towards their career aspirations, but they’re still considered the primary caregivers for children. This leads to them doing professional and domestic work side by side, which is more complicated than you realize. Doing chores, laundry, and food prep after work is exhausting.

11. Wearing Heels

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If you’ve never tried wearing heels, you should give it a go because you’ll realize it’s not as easy as women make it look. They are superheroes who can walk, dance, and drive while wearing six-inch stilettos.

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