12 Beloved Foods That Have Fallen From Flavor Grace

Everything was better when you were younger — or was it? Did we all just have uneducated perspectives on what was good or bad? A recent online post reveals what Internet users feel on the matter.

1. Burger King

Burger King
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“Burger King was sooooo much better when I was growing up in the ’90s,” says a commenter lamenting their favorite decade. “I miss those nuggets and fries.” I have only tried their nuggets once, and I can’t remark on their flavor because they were cooked in what tasted like one-month-old oil.

2. Great Cheez Balls of Fire

Columbus, Ohio August 5, 2020 Planters Cheez Balls.
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“Planters Cheez Balls,” a glum observer remarks. “Those things were like the food of the gods when I was a kid in the ’80s. When they brought them back for a while a few years ago, I bought a few cans, only to find out they tasted like disappointment.”

3. Red Delicious Apples

Red Delicious Apples
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“Red delicious apples,” is the next frank retort. I remember as a child that a red apple was always better than a green apple, and to this day, I am still unsure why. To be fair, both are not to my taste anymore — Jazz, Braeburn, or Fuji only for me. “I’m the psychopath that enjoys eating Granny Smith apples,” jokes the next apple smasher. “And yes, I know they are pie apples.”

4. Word Soup

GROVETOWN, UNITED STATES - Apr 20, 2022: Grovetown, Ga USA - 04 20 22: Canned Pasta on a retail store shelf Spaghettios original
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“Spaghettios” is the next suggestion. I haven’t eaten these in decades, though I am sure they were, and still are, disgusting. “Agreed! I loved this as a kid,” adds another person. “I’m assuming my taste changed, and the product stayed the same. It’s hard to know.”

5. Chocolate Controversy

a lot of variety chocolate pralines, belgian confectionery gourmet chocolate
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“I find myself spending a lot more on more ‘premium’ chocolate because I can’t stand any regular brand anymore,” grumbles the next poster. “It’s just chocolate-flavored sugar.” You have a friend in me, fellow chocoholic. Looking closely, you will realize they are all owned by a handful of conglomerates; sadly, profit comes before quality.

6. Cereal Regret

Woman eating cereals
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“Used to taste like all kinds of awesome as a kid: I would eat bowl after bowl,” states a former breakfast cereal nerd. “Now, they are nowhere near the same taste level.” Is it us, too? Do we lose the same taste-bud enthusiasm our less-tarnished kid selves once had? Maybe mass-produced breakfast cereal never did taste any good.

8. Hot Pockets

Hot Pockets
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“Were they ever good? I used to think so,” jokes an observer. “Not now,” I recall visiting the United States when Hot Pockets first arrived, and I was blown away. I was deflated, knowing I couldn’t find them after returning to Britain. “Yeah, they used to have discernible layers of pepperonis, cheese, and sauce,” adds another let-down observer. “Now, it’s just a greasy purée of red goop.”

9. Oreos

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When one contributor shows disdain for the current state of America’s favorite cream-filled chocolate cookie, agreement is fervent throughout the thread. “I get one bag, and they taste normal-ish; not as good as they were, even only a few years ago,” begins a kindred observer, “but I get another bag, and they taste really off, almost chemical-like.”

10. Whoppers

SPENCER , WISCONSIN, December,8, 2015 Box of Whoppers Malted Milk Balls Whoppers is owned by the Hershey Company and was first introduced in 1949
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“I like Whoppers, but sometimes I’ll get a bad one with a weird texture, and it ruins the whole bag,” notes a chocolate fan, and the agreement comes from another confectionery lover. “They went from ‘made with malted milk’ to ‘malted milk-flavored,’ and the texture changed,” adds a person who reads the small print. As I said: profit over quality.

11. Vegetables

Woman eating veggies
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“Now, I am not saying that vegetables taste bad; it’s just that a lot of them don’t taste as good anymore,” claims someone in a grandiose statement. “Farming prioritizes size, shape, and color more than taste currently.” This scenario may happen if you only buy from larger national grocery chains.

12. Hose Water

Child playing in garden hose water
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“I remember being a kid and playing outside on hot summer days, and a drink from the hose always tasted so good,” a nostalgist reflects. “Recently, I was watering my flowers and took a drink for old times’ sake, and it was awful. Tasted like mud and metal.” I don’t remember my garden hose water ever tasting good!

Source: Reddit.

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