12 Food Combinations That Should Never Share a Plate

Everyone has that one weird food combination that no one else understands. My daughter likes to dip her Oreos in ketchup, and my husband has to have sliced cheese with his peanut butter and jelly. For all you weird foodie freaks out there, these twelve food combinations might hit the spot. For everyone else, they’re food matchups that were concocted somewhere hot and horrible.

1. Excuse Me?

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One parent lamented the weird combination their daughter likes to eat regularly. “My daughter will take string cheese, put it on top of a pickle, wrap it with fruit by the foot candy, and dip it in hot Cheetos she grinds to make a powder. ”

2. Dipping Sauce

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An aunt mentioned how her niece likes to eat her favorite chicken nuggets. “My niece used to dip chicken nuggets in grape jelly mixed with mayonnaise.” I once had a friend who enjoyed a set of fries dipped in grape jelly and ketchup. It definitely must be the sweet and salty combo.

3. Bang Bang Chicken

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If you’re looking for an exciting way to dress your chicken before you put it on the grill this weekend, listen up. One user shared a “marinade” they read about online, and it’s interesting. “There’s a marinade ‘recipe’ out there called bang bang chicken — nothing to do with any Asian style bang bang dish — where you mix all the leftover bits from various dressing bottles (bang bang on the bottles to get it all out), cross your fingers, and marinate your chicken.”

4. Shipwreck

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You know those nights when the fridge is full of leftovers? Plenty of posters left stories about their “Fearless Feast Fridays,” as one commenter called it. Another shared their grandmother’s name for this type of meal. “Friday night leftovers mashup. My dad would take all the leftovers from the week and throw them into one pot. Sometimes, it was good; sometimes, it was meh, and others, we ordered pizza after tasting it. My Grandmother called it a ‘Shipwreck.'”

5. Fruit and Cheese

Cottage Cheese
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Mixing fruit and cottage cheese is common, but one contributor shared a mixture that is not nearly as tasty. “Cottage cheese and lime jello. From one of those awful ’50s and ’60s monstrosities with jello, fruit, etc. in those molds. Evil, evil stuff.”

6. Spaghetti and Meatballs

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Ever take something from the fridge or freezer, thinking it was something else? So, yeah, this happened. “My mom made spaghetti and meatballs one night. I asked her where the meatballs were because they looked like chunky spaghetti sauce. She said they were in there, but they seemed to have faded up. It was the most putrid thing I have ever tried to eat. The next day, my mom says, “You know what, I think I used the chunks of frozen banana instead of frozen meatballs on accident.”

7. Um, No

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For one participant, their colleague’s unusual lunch was too much to handle. “I worked with this guy who would make salmon, cheese, and peanut butter sandwiches. That’s a big NOPE from me.” There are just some things you don’t mix, and salmon and peanut butter would also be a massive no from me.

8. Shake It Up

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Sometimes, you want something smooth, creamy, and cold. A nice chocolate shake or perhaps this recipe a respondent shared. “Pineapple, mint, and peanut butter in the same milkshake. I worked at a shake place, and I think someone lost a bet and ordered it. The staff had never heard of it, and we recreated it, and all tried a bite. Vile.”

9. Eggs Not Benedict

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Eggs are a versatile food. You can eat them as is, scrambled, fried, over easy, sunny-side up, etc. You can add your favorite condiment; for one person, their girlfriend added one they couldn’t stomach. “My girlfriend eats her eggs with mustard. I have no idea how.”

10. If You Say So

Dill Pickles
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One poster shared a tradition that her family makes for a night of celebratory drinking. “Dill pickle dipped in sour cream and honey. I have taken this up as just a snack or salad. It’s very delicious.” Sometimes, people should stop while they’re ahead.

11. Savory Apple Pie

Apple Pie
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If you like sweet and savory together, someone hopes you’ll pick something different than this, “Cheese on apples or apple pie… I’m glad some of you think this is good, but you’re mistaken.” Apple pie is so good that I don’t understand why anyone wants to add something. Just dig in and enjoy.

12. Soda Chips

Hot chips
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Sometimes, when we’re young, we adventure into areas where we have no business being. This scenario is undoubtedly what happened to this interested party. “Pepsi and Flaming Hot Chips…I had this snack combo as a kid, and the combination of the two of them makes both snacks disgusting.”

Fits and Bits

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No matter how old you are, if you’ve got taste buds, you’ve likely eaten either extremely delicious or incredibly gross. It wasn’t you when you shared your favorite snack or meal combo with a friend, and they hated it. If you enjoy your weird food combo, be proud of your meal or snack and indulge whenever the feeling hits.

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