12 Food Items You Either Love or Loathe

One man’s meat will always be another’s poison, but the hotly contested debate on which food is finger-licking lit and which should be dumped will always be here to stay. We got caught in the rift between an online community of foodies and what they have to say about your favorite foods may either stir your appetite or make you want to puke in disgust.

1. Pineapple Pizza

Pineapple Pizza
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The debate about the pineapple on pizza rages on. While some foodies present it as the perfect blend of sweet and savory, others on the thread, see it as an affront to the “sanctity” of what pizza should be.

2. Brussels Sprouts

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Parents and kids agree on many things, but in most homes, according to one contributor, the place of Brussels sprouts makes for an unending culinary battlefield. A second person hints that the older generation may find Brussels sprouts crispy to taste, but young people can’t shake off its bitter, mushy feel.

3. Mushrooms

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A foodie on the thread asks if mushrooms are edible fungi or the morsel of doom. Mushroom lovers swoon over their earthy richness, while ”mushroom-phobes” protest the slimy texture, with one describing mushrooms as “yucky umbrella-shaped nonsense.”

4. Cilantro

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Some claim Cilantro is their go-to herb when they aim to add flavor to consumables at dinner parties for its zesty appeal. Several others say Cilantro tastes just like soap and that the thought of it makes them nauseous.

5. Blue Cheese

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Fans of blue cheese hype it as the one food that tastes better as it ages. One person references its tangy, moldy allure, claiming it reminds her of a time etched in good memories. Another user denounces the delectableness of blue cheese, claiming it “smells bad. Like expired gym socks.”

6. Durian

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Dubbed the “princely fruit” by a self-acclaimed connoisseur on the thread, someone says while Durian tastes more excellent than most fruits for its custardy sweetness, its pungent aroma turns them off. A third contributor jokes, “Durian’s nauseating aroma can clear a room faster than a fire alarm.”

7. Liver

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The liver is found in many foods, with someone describing it as the polarizing protein powerhouse because of its nutrient density. Another contributor names it the “metallic protein piece,” arguing that its metallic aftertaste may have, in his view, submerged the proteinous value of a livered meal.

8. Oysters

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“I love most foods, but anything oyster, or made with oyster, is a no for me,” a food lover quickly adds at the mention of oysters as a delicious treat by one user. One other person says oysters’ brimy and silky texture is a disservice to its sumptuous taste.

9. Sushi

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Sushi has recently enjoyed media hype and patronage, but not everyone enjoys the artistic meal. A forum member narrates their first experience, claiming sushi on the tongue feels like “chewing on sea-weed-wrapped rubber bands.”

10. Caviar

caviar Adobe Stock
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A well-traveled foodaholic asks everyone to taste caviar at least once in a lifetime, as it is a siamese of indulgence savored with heavenly taste. But some skeptics consider caviar mere fish eggs, arguing that the taste does not meet the hype halfway.

11. Tofu

tofu SS scaled
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Tofu is a food choice of most explorers on the thread, but not some. Describing it as a plant-based, healthy protein dream, one Tofu lover who doubles as a vegetarian would pick it ahead of chicken if need be. But a second person describes it as “bland and sour nonsense,” adding that tofu wouldn’t make it into food conversation but for its excellent nature as an absorber of flavor.

12. Kimchi

The most famous Korean traditional food Kimchi(napa cabbage) stored in Kimchi container. Make a Kimchi concept. Top view.
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Kimchi is good for the guts and helps populate the good bacteria your body needs to maintain an optimal environment. However, that’s all it’s worth for several people on the thread who argue that its spicy taste and tangy nature undermine its health benefits. Some say that kimchi is undeserving of the low rating, chiding that it’s the choice food of those who care more about nutrients than taste.

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