12 Meals Foodies Agree Are Strictly American

The United States is home to countless delicious meals inspired by millions of Americans with varying backgrounds and family histories. However, some meals are universally regarded as “American” due to their cultural significance. Recently, foodies met in an online discussion to reveal the twelve meals universally regarded as 100% American.

1. The Cuban Sandwich

The Cuban Sandwich
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Believe it or not, the traditional pressed Cuban sandwich didn’t originate in Cuba but rather in Tampa, Florida! Countless foodies confess that a trip to southern Florida isn’t complete without indulging in at least three or four Cubans before they leave.

2. Chicken and Waffles

Waffles with fried chicken and maple syrup, southern comfort food
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This breakfast staple is wholly American in the best ways. Not only does it combine two foods that couldn’t be more different, but it does so in a way that invites foodies to try it out of sheer curiosity! Only an American chef would combine chicken and waffles and turn it into one of the most popular brunch dishes in the country.

3. The Philly Cheesesteak

Philly cheese steak sandwich holding in hand with other sandwiches in background.
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As someone who grew up in the Philadelphia suburbs, I can attest to how delicious a Philly cheesesteak is. From the gooey Cheez-Wiz to the finely-chopped sirloin to the perfectly-seared onions, it’s the ultimate sandwich in millions of Americans’ eyes.

4. Soup in Bread Bowls

Broccoli cheddar soup in bread bowl on wooden board
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Originating on the west coast of the United States, serving soup in bread bowls was considered taboo — until it became popular! “Bread bowls were invented in San Francisco, but I don’t know if they’re a thing on the East Coast,” admits one woman. “Seattle also has Pike Place Chowder, a stand so famous and popular that it has an hour-long line during the spring and summer.”

5. Nashville Fried Chicken

Tasty nashville hot chicken sandwiches on plates over brown stone background. Top view, flat lay
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While fried chicken is arguably already as American as it gets, slathering it in hot sauce furthers the dish, putting it into the upper echelon of cuisine. We can thank Nashville for its contributions to the music industry, but many people believe the invention of Nashville-style fried chicken dishes overshadows those accolades.

6. Maryland Crab Cakes

Maryland Crabcakes
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As Bradley Cooper’s character in Wedding Crashers said, “There are two things Maryland does well: Football and crabcakes.” Maryland blue crab cakes are one of the most popular dishes in the U.S., and for a good reason: they’re mouth-wateringly delicious. Marylanders aren’t shy about spending top dollar for the best crab cakes in the country.

7. The California Burrito

California Burrito
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When accounting for taste, many believe it doesn’t get more delicious than an authentic California burrito. “A California burrito is a specific thing and needs to be tried at least once,” explains one southern California resident. “It is generally made with carne asada, French fries, cheese, and pico de gallo. It can have guacamole and sour cream. The best ones can be found in San Diego, Los Angeles, and surrounding areas.”

8. Meatloaf

Savory Spiced Meatloaf with Onion and Parsley
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For many, it doesn’t get more American than eating a meal mainly composed of meatloaf! “My wife and I have the same favorite meal, probably from growing up poor in single-parent households,” confesses one man. “Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and peas.” I feel like I know this man!

9. Tex-Mex Cuisine

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Sometimes all it takes is an enterprising Texan chef to create an entirely new genre of cuisine. Tex-Mex is a staple in countless southern households. “It’s not Mexican food per se,” explains one woman. “It’s a Texas creation that spins Mexican food in a new way, and that extends even to fajitas and margaritas.”

10. Lobster Rolls

Lobster Roll
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Even though lobster rolls are prohibitively expensive (often costing as much as $30), the dish is still arguably the best thing to come out of New England. No offense to their professional sports teams, but I’d rather eat a fresh lobster roll over watching any Boston-area sports!

11. Sugary Breakfast Cereal

Delicious honey cheerios cereal in a bowl on gray background. Top view, flat lay, copy space. Breakfast concept
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Whether we like it or not, the United States has a reputation for serving unhealthy food. Sugary breakfast cereal goes a long way in upholding that reputation. “I feel like the pinnacle of this branch of breakfast food is Cookie Crisp cereal,” admits one woman. “They just tell you to give up and feed your kid a bowl of cookies for breakfast.”

12. Soul Food

soul food - collard greens, smoked chicken and fried green tomatoes
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From chicken to collared greens, many diners believe soul food is the best American cuisine ever created. “Soul food and soul music are as American as you can get,” reveals one man. I have one question for anyone living in the American South: Can I come for dinner?

Source: Reddit.

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