12 Things That Made People Realize They Were No Longer Young

Let’s be honest with each other: We’ve all realized our mortality differently. Whether dealing with constant heartburn or learning we enjoy mowing lawns, life can come at you fast with constant reminders that we’re not as young as we used to be! Recently, men and women met in an online discussion to reveal everything that made them realize they’re getting older.

1. Running Into a Familiar Face at the Bar

Friends meeting in the bar
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As a former babysitter, I don’t know if anything could make me feel old than seeing someone I used to babysit at the bar where I was currently at. Yikes! How awkward is that? For many people, this is the defining moment when they realize they are no longer young. (It sounds like it’s time to find a new bar!)

2. You Don’t Understand a Younger Generation’s Lingo

Woman confused
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For the life of me, I (and millions of other people) don’t understand the terminology of the younger generation. Between “cap,” “rizz,” and “sus” (to name a few), it’s impossible to keep up with the latest slang terms in 2023. I’m not alone in feeling this way, but the worst part is that the younger generation seemingly loves boxing out older people with their newfound terminology.

3. Heartburn and Acid Reflux

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As someone who ate garlic salmon too quickly last night, I wholeheartedly agree with this person: “I used to be able to eat a whole pizza, wash it down with orange juice and vodka, and be fine,” one woman reports. “If I tried that now, I would be in my bed, propped up at a hard 90-degree angle, groaning like a zombie with only its top half remaining hand dragging my torso around the apocalypse.” Amen to that! Getting old is the worst.

4. Realizing Your Parents Were Right

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There’s a day that occurs when every person comes to the harrowing realization that their parents were right about nearly everything. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s the day when you officially become old! “I started to realize my dad had a good point about most of the things he’s told me where I previously thought he was wrong,” admits one man. “I knew I wasn’t a kid anymore.”

5. Caring About the News

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Countless people confess they didn’t care about current events (or the news in general) when they were younger, only to be enthralled in it when they became older! There comes a point when you realize you need to start paying attention to the issues at hand; after all, life moves quickly, and it’s hard to keep up without watching the news.

6. New Kitchen Appliances Excite You

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Forget about electronics, toys, and video games; for millions of older people, new kitchen appliances are worth drooling over! From stunning new stainless steel refrigerators to technologically advanced, WiFi-enabled washing machines, buying something new for your kitchen is an overwhelmingly exciting proposition when you reach a certain age.

7. Needing a CPAP Machine

Young female sleeping with cpap machine for sleep apnea
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The usage of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machines is a definite sign of getting older. Nothing will make you feel like an elderly person more than being hooked up to a machine while you sleep! “It took me about four years of stubbornness before going and getting my sleep study done,” confesses one woman. “Sleeping through the night again instead of waking every 45 minutes is amazing. Previously, I would fall asleep briefly everywhere, even mid-conversation and while standing still. It was bad.”

8. Your First Gray Hairs

Man with gray hair
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Unfortunately, most people admit that their lives irrevocably changed the first time they looked in their mirror and noticed those dreaded gray hairs. Whether it’s gray hair on their head, face, or ears, spotting even one of these hairs is a telltale sign that you’re entering a new phase in your life.

9. Your Body Betrays You

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You know you’re old when the strange sounds you hear are coming from your own body! One person puts it all into perspective. “I was at home alone, and it was actually quiet for once,” explains one man. “I sat on the bed and heard a weird scratching noise. I went quiet to see if I heard it again, but nothing. So I stand up, and I hear it again. Maybe there is an animal in the walls, so I again wait to see if I hear anything. A few minutes go by, and I don’t hear anything. So I sit down, hear it again, and realize it’s my knees.”

10. You Take Pride in Mowing the Lawn

Woman Mowing the Lawn
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I distinctly remember being steadfast in my refusal to mow the lawn when my parents would ask me to. In my mind, mowing the yard was a tedious activity devoid of any joy. Well, as it turns out, all I had to do was wait until I was older with my own lawn because mowing the property is now immensely enjoyable! There’s a particular pride connected to staring at a freshly cut yard that many older people can relate to (myself now included).

11. Your Exercise Schedule Changes

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It’s sad but true: For anyone who essentially lived at the gym when they were younger, your body not keeping up with your fitness demands when you hit a certain age is a tough pill to swallow. “I could hit the gym six times a week, lifting some heavy weights,” reveals one man. “All while still making it to grappling training three times a week. Now over 30 years old, I’m happy if I can get to the gym three times without wrecking myself for the rest of the week.”

12. When Watching a Movie Is a Multi-Evening Affair

Woman bored on watching movie
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If there is one aspect of being older I can’t deal with, it’s the fact that I now routinely fall asleep during most movies. It doesn’t matter if I’m watching the most action-packed Hollywood blockbuster on Earth; I will fall asleep during it. As a result, it now takes me (and my exasperated girlfriend) two or more nights to finish one movie.

Source: Reddit.

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