13 Extra Travel Essentials You Need in Your Bag While Packing

When packing for a trip, everyone knows you can’t forget your toothbrush, deodorant, and any medications you might need. However, according to countless travelers, you shouldn’t stop there! In a recent online discussion, seasoned adventurers revealed their personal travel essentials they would never leave home without.

1. Face Masks

Man wearing mask stranded in airport
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Although polarizing, face masks can help navigate unfamiliar air quality while traveling. Having a face mask or two on hand can mean the difference between staying healthy and coming down with a cold. “The air can get extremely dry in airplanes and hotels,” explains one woman. “I love my paper face masks, and I keep at least three in my bag.” Regardless of how you feel about mask-wearing politically, nobody can deny that it is an efficient way to keep yourself healthy when traveling around the world!

2. Various-Sized Bandages

First aid
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It doesn’t matter if you’re at your house or in a country thousands of miles away from home; it never seems like you have a bandage when you need one! Minor cuts and scrapes can happen without you noticing, and let’s face it: You don’t want to be “that person” staring at timeless landmarks with a bloody wound for all to see. Small first-aid kits (or even a handful of different-sized bandages) will give you the peace of mind you need.

3. An Extra Cell Phone Charger

Phone charger
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One of the most underrated tips is to pack an extra smartphone charger in your suitcase. Trust me; you will lose a charger somewhere along the way. It’s only a matter of time, as one person helpfully explains. “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve left my only cell phone charger in a hotel room or hostel and had to spend hours wandering an unfamiliar city trying to figure out where to buy a new one,” admits one woman. “That’s why I’ll always pack an extra charger because I know I will lose the first one I pack!”

4. A Small, Portable Alarm Clock

Woman switching off alarm clock
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Even the best of us occasionally forget to charge our smartphones overnight, leading to inevitable missed alarms. Thankfully, there’s a way to safeguard against this unfortunate scenario! By bringing along a small, battery-operated alarm clock; you can rest easy knowing that no matter what happens overnight, you’ll be rudely awakened by a loud, obnoxious alarm. In a way, there’s a comfort in that!

5. A Sleep Mask

Sleeping with pillow and sleep mask in flight
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When traveling through parts of Europe and electing to stay in hostels, you’d be surprised how often you don’t sleep in complete darkness! If you’re anything like me, you need near-total darkness to get a good night’s sleep. Many men and women advise bringing a sleep mask to block out all unnecessary light when sleeping. Although it seems a little old-fashioned, wearing a mask at night will help you maintain a restful sleep.

6. A Wine Opener

Opening wine bottle with wine opener
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Countless travelers agree: It’s always wise to carry a wine opener! “Even when I’m at home, it seems I can never find my wine opener,” one traveler confesses. “I promised myself that I’d always bring a wine opener with me on my travels. I’m sure others will tell you how important drinking plenty of wine is during a trip!” Of course, only pack it in your checked luggage; bringing a wine opener in your carry-on is a recipe for disaster going through airport security!

7. Throat Lozenges

Woman taking throat Lozenges
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Many common colds begin as sore, scratchy throats, and it’s never a bad idea to combat that with a pack of throat lozenges. I pop them like candy whenever I sense the slightest sore throat, and they never let me down! When you travel to new areas, it sometimes takes your body and immune system a few days to acclimate to your surroundings. You can help ease your body’s transition by bringing plenty of lozenges!

8. Liquid IV Packets

Liquid IV Packets
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As millions of us know, a hangover can ruin your day in an instant. When you’re traveling, you don’t want to be burdened by a hangover when all you want to do is explore the unfamiliar and exciting city around you. Sometimes, it’s impossible to resist a glass of wine (or three) during your travels, especially when meeting new people. Do yourself a favor and bring a few Liquid IV packets to help combat the dreaded hangover!

9. Noise-Canceling Earbuds

Man wearing earbuds
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Although high-end noise-canceling earbuds are expensive, according to many travelers, they’re worth every penny. They have practical purposes beyond delivering a fantastic music signal to your earbuds! “Buying noise-canceling earbuds and keeping them on me has been a lifesaver,” one man reports. “I use them for turn-by-turn route navigation when I’m walking around a new city and also at night if the place I’m sleeping at is particularly noisy.”

10. Ibuprofen

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Headaches happen. Minor aches and pain occur all the time. Thankfully, ibuprofen is the easiest way to ease symptoms that would typically stop you in your tracks. It’s the most common over-the-counter medicine in the world, so don’t think twice about keeping plenty of it in your bag while traveling. In addition, ibuprofen works in a pinch when you’re trying to stave off a particularly potent hangover!

11. Baby Powder

Baby Powder
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Arguably, the most formidable adversary for any traveler is the dreaded chafing! Talk about a day-ruiner. If you’re not traveling with plenty of baby powder, you’re rolling the dice on comfort. “Make sure you pack baby powder or Gold Bond powder to prevent chafing,” advises one man. “You usually do a lot more walking on a trip than normal, and if you’re in a hot or humid environment, it’s a must-have.”

12. A Physical Map

Female tourist looking at map
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Admit it: You wouldn’t know what to do if you lost cell service (or worse yet, lost your phone). While physical maps are relics from a bygone era, they certainly still are handy when the right situation comes up. While it’s becoming exceedingly rare you’ll need it; you’ll thank your lucky stars for bringing along a physical map when your GPS won’t work when exploring an unfamiliar city.

13. Sunscreen

Woman wearing sunscreen
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Countless people experience sticker shock when buying sunscreen because, in places like Europe and the Caribbean, it’s surprisingly expensive! Not only is packing plenty of sunscreen sensible financially, you’re also protecting your body in the process. Remember, you want to be always healthy enough to go on an adventure; don’t do anything to compromise that!

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