14 Shows People Dislike and Don’t Understand Why Everyone Loves Them

Ever feel out of step with hating a show everyone seems to love? Sometimes, I don’t get the charm they see and enjoy, and I think I am missing something. People hang out at the proverbial water cooler, raving about a show, and I shrug.  So here is a list of some of the top answers to the question, “What’s a show you hate that everyone else loves?”

1. Tiger King


One person shared, “Man, the Free Joe Exotic movement was something else. Like, a global supervirus was killing people rapidly all over the place. We have far bigger problems than this. Plus, weird murder mystery aside, his zoo was tiger abuse.” 

Another user replied, “Everyone kept telling me to watch it, saying how funny and crazy it was. It wasn’t funny; it was trashy, infuriating, and depressing. Those poor animals.”

A third person said, “If you never watched it, nothing can prepare you for how crazy the people on that show are. A dude riding around South Carolina on an elephant with three wives is not even close to being the strangest person on that show.”

2. Euphoria

Image from the show Euphoria
Image Credit: HBO

“Honestly, a lot of it makes sense once you figure out that most high school shows depict early 20s adults in high school settings. It’s still obviously over the top, but as depicted on television, high school kids are much closer to how I acted at 22 than at 16.”

Another said, “I agree. People say it represents their high school experience, which is mind-blowing. Where did you all go to high school that any of this was happening!?! It starts with a trans person having sex with someone’s dad, an abusive kid, and then another student is like a cam girl. Is this seriously realistic for the teenage experience in 2022? I fear for my child,”

3. Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones
Image Credit: HBO

One said, “Even Game of Thrones fans hated Game of Thrones as of season eight!” Another user replied, “Everybody in my demographic seems to love to show. It has that ‘coolness’ factor that attracts people, but I can’t stand it.”

“What’s worse is all the Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon people who insist that their fantasy is THE smart and superior form of fantasy and put down other shows in the process. Annoying!”

4. 13 Reasons Why

14 Reasons why
Image Credit: Netflix

“Yeah, I turned it off midway through the second episode,” one admitted. “It was already low-key triggering, but the whole victim getting revenge from the grave made me physically nauseous. The message it’s trying to send is backward to me; it romanticizes suicide and presents it as a reasonable solution when the whole world is against you.”

“I don’t know how it ends, but I also heard they had a school shooting in the second season that was awful in its presentation. Like damaging, you should never do what they did in this show. Other shows in this thread may be annoying, but 13 Reasons Why takes the cake for being dangerous.”

5. Riverdale

Image Credit: Warner Bros. Television Distribution

One Reddit user said, “Riverdale. I watched up to series four and enjoyed the strangeness. Then it got TOO strange and complicated to keep up with, so no, thank you!” Another user stated, “You know what, if you watch it as a parody of a drama show, then it’s great. But, unfortunately, it’s so bad that it’s funny. Oh God, I love that crazy dialogue. I dropped out of fourth grade to support Nana.” 

A third said, “Wow, that was either the best satire I’ve ever seen or a straight-up garbage show!” A final Redditor replied, “Wait is that not how people watch it? I’ve always looked at it as basically being a parody while still committing to the bit.”

6. Friends

Image Credit: Warner Bros. Television Distribution

“Everyone in my environment was talking positively about this. I absolutely hate it,” one replied. Another user stated, “Watched it as a kid but didn’t laugh because I didn’t speak English. Then I learned English and tried it again, still didn’t laugh.” 

Someone replied, “It’s probably funnier if you can’t understand what they’re saying! lol.” A third said, “I had a girlfriend in the late 90s that loved Friends, and I was made to watch about four seasons of it while we were together. I hated that show so much. I had one genuine chuckle out of the hundred or so episodes I watched. The rest was benign agony for me.”

7. Everybody Loves Raymond

everybody loves raymond
Image Credit: CBS Television Distribution
Warner Bros. Television Distribution

Everybody Loves Raymond? More like, I do not love Raymond,” one joked. Another said, “Right. It wasn’t a GREAT show, but those were my parents, and it totally would have been my life if they’d gotten their wish of living next door.”

“Nothing made me laugh more than them hiding behind the door and the mother reaching through the mail slot because that’s totally what mine would’ve done. Then patted me on the head. And that, kids, is why my door will never have a mail slot.”

8. Dance Moms

Dance Mom
Image Credit: Lifetime Television

“Let kids be kids! That show is blatant child abuse. I HATE IT,” one shouted. A second said, “This. Maybe it’s also in the editing, and maybe it’s not. But how they portray competitive dance and how quickly they’re supposedly doing new routines week in and out annoys me as someone who had done that growing up.”

“That being said, moms being Karens and hating on their kids’ instructors, and even other kids and their parents, yeah, it’s cranked to an 11-12 out of 10, of course, but it is also not as unheard of as you think.”

9. Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Keeping The Kardashians
Image Credit: NBCUniversal Syndication Studios

“I will never understand how my girlfriend watched the Kardashians,” one confessed. “I asked her once what she saw in it, and she told me she thought it was funny. I told her, baby, I have never seen you laugh at the show one time.” 

Another replied, “Yes, this is a show that everyone loves. Everybody’s always talking about how much they adore the Kardashians and having weekly meetings to discuss each episode in detail. Do you remember that one time it became the most popular TV show of all time, beating out Game of Thrones and Stranger Things? Crazy stuff”

10. The Office

the office broke e1658370665301
Image Credit: NBC Universal.

One user said, “I get it. It is a great show. The four episodes I have seen are brilliantly written and brilliantly acted. But I can’t do cringe humor. Instead, I get tremendous Fremdschämen, the German word roughly “secondhand embarrassment.”

Another user replied, “This almost made me stop watching. Even now, I must stop some episodes mid-way because they are massive cringe and uncomfortable. But now that I’ve seen every episode, I can enjoy the acting, the writing, and the humor. It’s way better on second viewing.”

11. The Walking Dead

the walking dead season one
Image Credit: 20th Television

One replied, “I wouldn’t say I hate it, but I lost interest in The Walking Dead early on. It was so repetitive after a while.” A second user replied, “I quit watching when Negan came. That scene was too much for me. But, then, when the people started being a bigger threat to each other than the zombies, the show was just too much like the depressing parts of life I’m trying to escape when I watch TV.” 

Another shared, “The comics capture a different tone than the show. I enjoyed the comics. The comics showed the change in philosophy that allows people to survive a hopeless situation over time. The show aimed more at an audience that likes drama and gore and cares less for substance.”

12. The Masked Singer

Masked Singer
Image Credit: Fox

The Masked Singer, everyone just acts so cringe on the show, especially the judges or whatever they are,” said one. Another replied, “The principle of this show is staggeringly ludicrous to me. First, a D-list celebrity wears a costume and moves around to an audio track. Next, C-list celebrities try and guess (in futility) who it is.”

“Then, a masked celebrity is revealed, and everyone claps with pseudo enthusiasm. Rinse and repeat. Am I the crazy one? Is this entertainment in any form?” “It feels like a show that runs on a TV in the background of a movie to show how off the rails society has gone.”

13. Grey’s Anatomy

Image Credit: Buena Vista Television

“Grey’s Anatomy,” one replied. “How unlucky can one hospital be?! Mass shooter. Earthquake. Plane crash in the mountains. Hospital on fire. Hospital explosion. Electrocution during a superstorm. That’s off the top of my memory.”

A second user said, “I’m not sure what season it was, but after the plane crash, I was out. Years later, my kids gave up around the same time too. There’s no accounting for actors quitting, but ruining Arizona’s personality was too much.”

14. Seinfeld

Seinfeld Columbia Pictures
Image Credit: Columbia Pictures

One person said that the first seasons went well and were funny. However, the four primary characters seemed to quickly nosedive into the abyss. Another agreed, saying it was generally tiresome and there were better shows to watch.

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