15 Processed Foods That Taste Better Than Grandma’s Homemade Version

Everyone has a family favorite food they claim is the best they’ve ever tasted. My friend from high school praised her mom’s zucchini bread and begged me to try the delicacy for months until she cut me a slice of the hockey puck. Through a cotton-mouthed bite, I smiled at her and lied about the quality. Although many swear their family makes the best food, some culinary ingredients taste better with much processing. Here are 15 foods remiss of homecooked love and full of unnatural ingredients.

1. Chips

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“Specifically, the ultra-processed kind, like Doritos or Cheetos, are my favorite. You can make tasty chips at home but can’t make anything like tasty bagged chips. You can’t get your hands on that addictive dust,” a contributor raves.

2. Sugar Cookies

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Occasionally, grocery stores and general stores stock up on those undercooked, pale sugar cookies slathered in buttercream frosting. The cookies don’t taste like any other, yet they satiate every sweet tooth craving and taste the best during the holidays.

3. Spam

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“I feel it’s the best contestant for this scenario. It’s so processed we couldn’t fathom how to recreate it at home. And even if we did, it would be like a meatloaf. Even people who hate spam would taste homemade spam and be like, ‘That ain’t it,'” one fan of processed wonders explains.

4. Pizza

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“Everyone thinks their homemade pizza is amazing. It never is good. Mediocre takeout pizza is much better than anyone’s homemade pizza. My husband makes a few things, but pizza is one of them. I’m always glad when he does the cooking, so I fake enthusiasm, but truth be told, it’s just not very good,” a foodie explains. Ouch!

5. Sauerkraut

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Though sauerkraut is easy to make and consists of just two ingredients, the fermented cabbage in a jar or can offers more flavor and a crisper taste than attempts at the homemade fermented cabbage.

6. Cake

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Betty Crocker and Duncan Hines’s cakes taste the best. They maintain a consistency challenging to achieve in homemade bakery items. And, if you want to watch extra sugar intake, replace eggs, butter, sugar, or anything the box calls for with a can of diet soda for a lighter, fluffier cake. For vanilla, use Sprite Zero; for chocolate, use Diet Coke.

7. Brownies

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“Something about the box mix cannot compete for nostalgic flavor and texture. I’ve made brown butter dark chocolate brownies from scratch with the best of ingredients, and it’s just never the same,” a baker states.

8. Spaghetti Sauce

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Prego’s Fresh Mushroom Spaghetti Sauce is the best in the business. The company knows how to draw out the tomato flavor without adding too much sugar like Ragu or watering it like homemade recipes. Nothing beats a bowl of spaghetti with Prego.

9. Hummus

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“I feel like the only way to make good hummus at home is to sit there and pop each chickpea out of its ‘skin.’ It’s a pain, but that’s the only way I’ve gotten hummus to be as smooth as a store-bought one. Even then, though, I think there are probably flavor extracts added to the commercial stuff that result in more noticeable flavors than what you’d taste in homemade,” a foodie shares.

10. Queso

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Satisfaction is peeling away the cooled nacho cheese layer from the top of movie theater nachos before dipping a cold Tostito in the orange matter. The greatest compliment to nachos is a drizzle of ultra-processed steaming liquid cheese.

11. Fries

French Fries
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Many users comment that french fries are their favorite food to eat at a restaurant. When attempting to make them at home, they taste too oily, or the insides don’t cook evenly, but they can always count on McDonald’s or Chick-fil-A to pile a cardboard container full of fresh, piping hot slivered potato snacks.

12. American Cheese

Kraft Singles
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American cheese tastes like plastic, but millions love it on grilled or smothered mac n cheese. A machine grates a few cheeses, melts the blend, and adds milk and whey to thicken and solidify the product. You could try this at home, but why would you?

13. Rice Crispy Treats

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Making homemade rice crispy treats is a messy, sticky, entertaining process. However, according to respondents, the homemade squares sour quicker than the store-bought treats and don’t have a favorable consistency. One half of the pan leaks marshmallow goop, while the other remains dry, but in the processed version, you can count on a clean-cut, gelatinous rectangle.

14. Hot Dogs

Hot Dogs
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A hot dog fan states the more processed, the better the meal. They admitted a friend gave them organic hot dogs for Christmas, and the healthy dogs disgusted them. Hebrew National, Sabrett’s, and Nathan’s were the top brands discussed.

15. Corn Beef Hash

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Corn beef hash originated in the 19th century when families would scramble leftovers together to make a meal for the next day. The dish consists of onions, potatoes, and meat, and fans adore Hormel’s Canned Corn Beef Hash so much that when they eat it at diners, they will only order hash if it is Hormel’s.

Source: Reddit.

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