15 Unpalatable Textures Foodies Just Can’t Swallow

Foodies navigate the culinary world by diving into strange, eccentric, boring, and novel tastes worldwide. Yet, even those who eat every food have a few items on their list they won’t let touch their lips due to taste or texture. Here are 15 foods foodies refuse to eat due to strange, bizarre, or odd textures.

1. Raw Onion

Raw Onion
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Cutting onions while holding back tears is one thing. Admiring the texture of the veggies is another. Many foodies loathe the initial crunch and don’t understand why the peeled veggie feels smooth. One person says diced onions remind them of biting into a pile of cockroaches.

2. Shrimp

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Baby fingers, bouncy food, and loud bites are all ways people describe eating prawns or shrimp. Several users say they want to like eating shrimp because of the flavor, but they back away when attempting to choke down the popular seafood.

3. Mayonnaise

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You either love mayo or despise it with the hatred of a thousand film critics watching The Emoji Movie. How do you feel about the egg jello or the weird oil smeared over sandwiches and lapped into tuna?

4. Peas

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I apologize in advance to the pea-praisers. I am one myself, but this polarizing pea-take may change my mind. The texture of peas is similar to biting acne, one pea-detester states. The green skin coats the innards with the same feel as oil jammed in a week-old pimple.

5. Jello

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“I already hated jello (I have a lot of texture issues anyway). But when I was 6, I was in the hospital, and they needed me to take a pill. Instead of teaching me how to swallow a pill, they stuck it in a chunk of jello. I really can’t understand how they think I can’t swallow one normal-sized pill, but I can swallow a whole spoonful-sized chunk of jello. I gagged and almost threw up, and I think I cried,” someone recoils.

6. Beans

lima beans in the brown pot as food background
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Many vegetarians and vegans institute a ton of beans and legumes into their diet to supplement their protein intake. Yet, many vegetarians and vegans cringe at the sight of beans. Those who can’t handle the texture think beans taste like minuscule pebbles stuffed inside chalky coatings or bite-sized crunches of finely packed sand.

7. Tapioca

High angle view of tapioca ball (also known as boba in bubble tea) on wooden plate isolated on white background. Ingredients for making pearl milk tea and shaved ice at dessert shop. Food concept.
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“A smooth pudding should not have chunks of pearls that crunch on your teeth or melt on your tongue or whatever they’re supposed to do. Give me crunchy-less pudding. Tapioca? Hard pass. Real hard pass,” a foodie rages.

8. Snails

Snails baked with sauce, Bourgogne Escargot Snails. Baked snails with butter and spice. gourmet food. recipe background. Close up.
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Snails have accumulated a cult following, especially within the foodie community. The fine dining delicacy splits dinner parties when one person orders a side of escargot. The snails come in a rubbery consistency, some compare to mushrooms, with a strong, briny taste (for some).

9. Mushrooms

Mushrooms in can
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I think mushrooms and blue cheese are two of the most hated foods in a common dining setting. I’ve heard people refuse to eat mushrooms because they don’t want to consume fungus or disapprove of the slimy texture, which reminds them of their days in kindergarten, eating whatever they could get their fingers on.

10. Olives

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A respondent admits they can’t stomach an olive since it evokes a strange feeling they’re chewing on an eyeball. Another user chimes in to say in their experience dissecting eyes, olives are not similar in texture, but boba is.

11. Boba

Homemade Taro Milk Bubble Tea with Tapioca Pearls
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The best part of boba tea is the pearls lounging at the bottom. Non-boba drinkers insist the texture is too much to enjoy the milk tea. Various forms of boba exist. We have the black tapioca pearls, which do not have liquid injected in the middle, and the popping pearls, which are fruit flavored and filled with juice that explodes when you bite into it.

12. Berries

Man with blueberries
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“I cannot handle the seeds; they feel like tiny sand/glass/stone fragments between my teeth, and my brain goes into ‘danger, you shouldn’t eat this!’ mode,” a responder opens the discussion. Others say raspberries illicit strong feelings from their furry feel, while another fruit consumer can’t rest a blackberry on their teeth and has to crush it with their tongue on the roof of their mouth.

13. Celery

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Some say celery has no flavor, or its flavor is water, and some say celery tastes like “solid water full of hair.” With a stringy consistency and a watery flavor, it’s kind of challenging to rip that image from the mind when reaching for a stick of green vegetable.

14. Porkchop

Homemade Barbecue Pork Chops Ready to Eat
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“I’ve never had one that wasn’t a stringy chunk of nothing attached to a two-inch thick chunk of cartilaginous fat. Of a similar vein, tendon ain’t it for me. Giblets either. I don’t like it when meat is crunchy,” a commenter quips. Another agrees, alleging their disdain for meat fat. “I hate the texture of fat. Refuse to eat it. And the moment I have a stringy vein come out of meat, I nope out so quick.”

15. Watermelon

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Clever wordsmiths describe watermelon as “soggy sweet cucumber” and “crunchy water.” Fresh watermelon has a crisp, crunchy composition, while watermelon a few days past its prime sustains a water-logged bite.

Source: Reddit.

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