16 Things That Are Technically Legal But Disgusts People

Some laws are left in the law books that shock the conscience. The laws of the land tell us what we can and can’t do as a society. But some people have difficulty with their legality. 

One person on a popular internet forum wondered, “What is considered technically legal but still gives you the ick?” Should the powers review these laws, or are you comfortable with them?

Others flooded the comments with perfectly legal things that made them uncomfortable. 

1. Child Beauty Pageants

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In the U.S., child beauty pageants are legal nationwide, making many people uneasy. The biggest issue many have with child pageants is the sexualization of young girls.

For example, child pageants often require kids to wear heavy makeup and even compete in bikini contests. 

2. Child Marriages

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Did you know child marriages are legal in 43 of 50 U.S. states? In 20 legal states, children can marry adults with a simple waiver from their parents. 

Many commenters find child marriage disturbing because kids cannot consent. 

3. Mommy Vloggers and Family YouTube Channels

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Some families take to YouTube to find fame by exploiting their children online. Users agreed that using kids as entertainment to gain views online harms their development and privacy. 

4. Harvesting Personal Data

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On the internet, your data could be more secure. Tech companies nationwide can harvest a certain amount of data for their own mysterious uses. 

5. Limited Restrictions on Political Campaign Funding

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Politicians face minimal restrictions when it comes to campaign funding. Many commenters claim that it’s hard to avoid corruption in politics when this is the case.

6. Using “Barely Legal” to Advertise Adult Films

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If you visit just about any adult film site, you will find tags like “teen” and “barely legal” advertising adult films that specifically try to make it look like an adult is a child. 

“It’s basically saying, ‘I would **** children if it weren’t against the law,” one user fumed.

7. Payday Lending

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Only 13 of 50 U.S. states prohibit borrowing from a payday loan. According to commenters, these are predatory loans that take advantage of the poor, trapping them in a cycle of debt due to these loans’ high-interest rates. 

8. Declawing Cats

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Declawing cats is illegal in most places throughout the U.S. This process removes cats’ claws, leaving them in pain and disfigured for life. The reason? So people can avoid scratching up their furniture.

9. Cosmetic Alterations to Dogs by Breeders

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Did you know that corgis are born with long, luscious tails? It’s customary for many breeders of specific dog breeds to crop ears and dock tails purely for aesthetic purposes. 

Many commenters believe that this should be considered animal abuse. 

10. Multi-Million Dollar Churches

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Many users believe churches should be a center for communities coming together to honor their faith. However, many churches across the U.S. seem to care more about making money.

Plus, churches in the U.S. are exempt from taxes — even the multi-million dollar ones — making many commenters feel disgusted.

11. Debutant Balls

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Debutant Balls or Purity Balls celebrate a woman’s coming of age in society. Many users say this practice flaunts young girls as ready to marry and have sex and cite it as a misogynistic and harmful practice. 

12. Bull Fighting

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You can find bullfighting rings across the U.S. However, it is illegal for bullfighters to kill the bull at the end of the fight. 

Even so, the bulls are forced to fight against their will and face many injuries for the pleasure of the human audience. 

13. Countdowns to Celebrities Turning 18

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Young, usually female celebrities have a tough time when it comes to dealing with the media. One of the grossest things about celebrity culture is the countdowns you can find online that showcase the amount of time left until a young woman is technically “legal.” 

14. Industrial Pollution

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While there are many limitations set for companies to follow when it comes to polluting the environment, many users say that isn’t enough.

“You’re only allowed to spew X amount of toxic carcinogens into a town’s air supply,” one user commented sarcastically.

15. Circumcision

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To many, circumcision is a form of genital mutilation. There is no known medical reason that an infant should be circumcised. 

“If the baby can urinate, don’t cut anything!” argued one commenter.

16. Spanking Your Kids

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Corporal punishment is still legal in all 50 states, and many commenters found that appalling. “I was spanked as a child. It didn’t teach me ‘consequences.’ It taught me to flinch when someone so much as lifts their hand near me,” shared one childhood spanking victim.

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