Celebrity Kindness: Shining a Spotlight on the Wholesome Side of Fame

No matter how famous a celebrity is, the pressures of living up to that stardom can be a burden. Many people in the public spectrum can find themselves under severe scrutiny for failing to live up to the unobtainable standards society has placed on them. Recently, a group of individuals gathered online to discuss the celebrities they consider the epitome of kindness and wholesomeness. Here’s what they had to say.

1. Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton
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Dolly rose to fame as a talented singer and a gifted songwriter, but her personality and charm made her a truly inspirational icon. Her bubbly personality and stature have become a role model to many nationwide. She has given back to her community by providing books and libraries to schools and being a leader in funding research for medicine and vaccines. Dolly Parton truly is a national treasure.

2. Wayne Brady

Wayne Brady
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The famous song and danceman, Wayne, has been a fixture on daytime games and talk shows for the past two decades. Known for being a wholesome family man, Wayne has lived up to his reputation. One person on the discussion board concurs, adding, “Wayne Brady- the most kind, loving, generous, intelligent, hilarious and humble celebrity/human on earth. I worked for him in his home as a nanny. He is also an amazing father.”

3. Adam Scott

Adam Scott
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While not often the lead character in his television shows or movies, Adam Scott has the reputation of being a genuine good guy. Mostly known for playing Leslie Knope’shusband in Parks and Recreation, viewers quickly fell in love with Adam’s sweet and funny character. With many credits under his belt, it’s hard to find a bad word written about him.

4. Danny Devito

Danny Devito
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With a career spanning almost half a century, some dirt would likely be found on Danny Devito, but not so. One of my favorite actors, Devito, has been putting smiles on his fans’ faces since the 70s. Known for prioritizing his fans, he will happily take pictures and interact with those who stop him in the streets.

5. Adam Driver

Adam Driver
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Driver rose to fame starring in the new Star Wars films as villain Kylo Ren, but many fans adore him due to his time served in the United States Marines. Adam credits his military background for his humbled demeanor. In addition to being a leading star in Hollywood, Adam also gives back running theatre programs for all active and discharged military personnel.

6. Bryan Cranston

Bryan Cranston
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While some might know Cranston as the drug kingpin from Breaking Bad, others might know him as the lovable yet inept father from Malcon in the Middle. Either way, Cranston has become a beloved in Hollywood over the last decade. No stranger to public appearances, the actor can be seen having fun with his fans at various promotions.

7. John Goodman

John Goodman
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With a name like Goodman, you carry the task of being, well, a good man. Getting his start as the hard-working, blue-collar dad on Roseanne, many fans still see him as that today. One lady says, “I’ve always loved him so much! Reminds me of my dad. I would be heartbroken if he ever had to get canceled.” John is also known to financially aid environmental funds and speak out against climate change in his goal to give back to the community.

8. Cillian Murphy

Cillian Murphy
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Cillian is not only a great actor, delivering great dramatic performances, but he is also known as a political activist in his home country of Ireland. Fans of Cillian, preferring a life out of the spotlight, praise him for not indulging in everything Hollywood has to offer. A rarity among celebrities, Cillian does not have a social media presence and prefers to spend his time not working in his small town with his family, a trait many fans absolutely love.

9. Conan O’Brien

Conan O'Brien
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Entertaining us for years as a host for late-night television, Conan O’Brien is a fan favorite. Known for his dry wit, Conan has never shied away from making fun of himself, a trait his fans find endearing. A talented writer and talk show host, Conan has been credited with welcoming and encouraging up-and-coming comedians and musicians. With few negative comments to say about the man, it’s no wonder he has the fan base he has today.

10. Betty White

Betty White
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Find me someone who doesn’t adore Betty White, and I’ll show you a liar. For the past thirty years, America’s grandmother, Betty White, can do no wrong. Whether playing the adorning motherly figure or the comedic sassy grandma, Betty truly was a national treasure. With a career of over sixty years, Betty will be sorely missed as she recently passed away. A nation of fans mourned her passing, but her legacy will surely live on.

Source: Reddit.

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