10 Foreign Snacks Americans Should Try Big Time

When it comes to snacks, people have their favorites. But in America, plenty of foreign snacks have yet to make their way into the mainstream. Here are some snacks that Americans are missing out on and should look to try, according to an online discussion.

1. Pocky from Japan

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Pocky is a popular snack from Japan that has gained a cult following worldwide. These thin, chocolate-covered biscuits come in various flavors, such as strawberry, green tea, and almond crush. They’re perfect for sharing, and the packaging is so cute that it’s hard not to love them. The Japanese know how to make things cute.

2. Tim Tams from Australia

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Tim Tams is an Australian classic. These chocolate-covered biscuits are filled with a creamy, chocolatey filling that makes them hard to resist. They’re also known for their “Tim Tam Slam,” a way of eating them that involves biting off each end and using them as straws to suck up hot drinks like tea or coffee or even hot chocolate.

3. Kinder Eggs from Germany

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Kinder Eggs are a popular treat from Germany that is unfortunately banned in the United States due to safety regulations. These chocolate eggs are filled with a small toy or trinket, making them a fun surprise for kids and adults alike. Many people have found ways to get their hands on them, but they remain a novelty in America. The one time the U.S. banned something before the EU.

4. Digestive Biscuits from the UK

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Digestive biscuits may not sound like the most exciting snack, but they’re a staple in the UK for a reason. These simple, crunchy biscuits are made with wholemeal flour and are perfect for dunking in a cup of tea. They’re also an excellent option for those looking for a healthier snack.

5. Stroopwafels from the Netherlands

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Stroopwafels are a Dutch treat that is gaining popularity around the world. These thin, crispy waffles are filled with a sweet syrup that oozes out when you bite. They’re perfect for a mid-morning snack or an afternoon pick-me-up.

6. Haw Flakes from China

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Haw flakes are a traditional Chinese snack made from the fruit of the hawthorn tree. They’re thin, round disks that are slightly sweet and tart. They’re an excellent option for those looking for a healthier snack, as they’re low in calories and fat.

7. Walker’s Crisps from the UK

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Walker’s Crisps, or Lay’s in the United States, is a staple in the UK. These crisps come in various flavors, such as salt and vinegar, cheese and onion, and prawn cocktails. They’re perfect for snacking on the go or enjoying while watching a movie.

8. Meiji Hello Panda from Japan

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Meiji Hello Panda are bite-sized biscuits from Japan that are filled with creamy chocolate or vanilla filling. Each biscuit is also stamped with a cute panda face, making them a fun and adorable snack. Beware, these are very addictive.

9. Jaffa Cakes from the UK

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Jaffa Cakes are a classic British snack that is hard to describe. They’re a cross between a biscuit and a cake, with a layer of orange jelly and chocolate. They’re an excellent option for those looking for a sweet treat that’s not too heavy.

10. Pepero from South Korea

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Pepero is a snack from South Korea similar to Pocky from Japan. These thin, chocolate-covered biscuits come in various flavors, such as strawberry, almond, and white chocolate. They’re perfect for sharing with friends or enjoying a solo snack.

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