11 Irritating Things Movies Never Reflect Realistically

We go to the movies to escape reality, but some things are portrayed so unrealistically that they are so far off course that it irritates the viewer. From car chases to romance, here are some of the most annoying things movies never portray realistically.

1. Car Chases

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One of the most unrealistic things in movies is how car chases are portrayed. In movies, car chases are often depicted as high-speed, action-packed scenes where the hero can dodge bullets and outmaneuver the bad guys. In reality, car chases are dangerous and deadly, and police officers are trained to avoid them if possible.

2. Gunfights

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In movies, gunfights are often portrayed as exciting and glamorous, with heroes shooting their way out of impossible situations with perfect accuracy. Gunfights are messy and chaotic, and even trained professionals can miss their targets. The sound of gunfire can be deafening, and the fear and adrenaline that come with a real-life shooting can make accurate aiming nearly impossible.

3. Romances

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Movies often depict romances as effortless, with the main characters falling in love at first sight and overcoming any obstacles that come their way. In reality, relationships are hard work, and even the best couples have to put in effort to make things work. Relationships are rarely perfect, and often involve compromise, communication, and hard work.

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4. Hacking

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In movies, hackers are often depicted as super geniuses who can break into any system with ease. They can bypass firewalls, hack into bank accounts, and even take down entire computer networks with just a few keystrokes. In reality, hacking is much more complex and time-consuming than movies make it out to be. It requires a lot of technical knowledge and expertise, and even the most skilled hackers can be caught and prosecuted.

5. Fight Scenes

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In movies, fight scenes are often choreographed to look like a perfectly synchronized dance, with each move timed perfectly and the heroes never seeming to get hurt. In reality, fights are messy and unpredictable, and even trained fighters can get hurt. Fights often involve grappling, wrestling, and dirty tactics, and even the strongest fighters can be taken down if caught off guard.

6. Explosions

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Explosions are a common feature in action movies, but they are often depicted in an unrealistic manner. In movies, explosions are usually vast and fiery, and characters can often walk away unscathed from them. In reality, explosions can be much smaller and less dramatic and can cause serious injuries or even death.

7. High School Life

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High school is a pivotal time in many people’s lives, but movies often depict it stereotypically and unrealistically. Movies portray high school as a place where everyone falls into neat categories (jocks, nerds, etc.), where bullies rule the hallways, and where social cliques are impenetrable. In reality, high school is much more diverse and complex than movies make it out to be, and many students have a wide range of interests and friends.

8. Physical Fights

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Movies often depict physical fights as martial arts masterpieces. All of the characters are kung-fu masters, and the fighting moves they use are epic.

However, in real life, most people aren’t kung-fu masters, and most fights involve throwing sloppy punches and lots of alcohol.

9. Time Travel

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Time travel is a popular theme in science fiction movies, but it is often portrayed in a not realistic way. In movies, characters can travel back and forth in time easily, and changing the past often has little consequence.

Everyone knows time travel doesn’t exist, but if it did, it would be very different than how it’s portrayed in movies.

10. Pregnancy and Childbirth

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Movies often depict pregnancy and childbirth as a quick and painless process, with women giving birth in just a few minutes and returning to their pre-baby bodies immediately. In reality, pregnancy and childbirth are complex processes that can be both physically and emotionally challenging.

11. Women Running in Heels

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When chased in the movies, women usually run in their heels, carrying bags, with hair and makeup intact. Some women would have trouble walking in heels,  let alone fleeing. Also, why do women in movies wear makeup to sleep? I guess removal would ruin the scene.

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