Is It Fair To Make Your Teenager Buy Snacks for Your Home While Dad Devours it All?

As a mother to two teenagers, we teach them to share with others. This odd situation tells a different story I cannot believe I was reading. A sixteen-year-old kid shared that he lives alone with his dad. For the sake of his story, we’ll call the kid Jake.

Jake explained that his father is a good guy but has an appetite for devouring everything if given a chance. Jake volunteered that he does his best to be supportive and of his fair share around their home, including chores and laundry.

He works at a delicious kebab place and often brings them home for himself and his dad. Because his dad cannot eat the garlic cilantro sauce, Jake is kind enough to be it on the side.

So a few weeks ago, he brought home their kebobs and put them in the fridge for later when he got hungry. However, his father had eaten them when he retrieved them and left him nothing.

Jake confessed that now he soaks his kebobs in the cilantro sauce so that his dad cannot eat his again. Additionally, many of his snacks are missing from the pantry. So he asked his dad if he could use the grocery budget to pick up these snacks they both enjoy, and his father told him, “NO!”

So Jake began shopping carefully, only buying snacks with ingredients his dad could not eat. He has a soy allergy. So Jake ensures that his stuff with soy is well labeled and keeps it away from the other food in his room.

Additionally, he purchased extra spicy snacks that his dad could not handle. Jake’s dad questioned him after discovering he didn’t keep his snacks in the pantry anymore. Finally, he showed him the ingredients and allowed him to taste a spicy snack.

“He drank about a quart of milk.” His father suggested that he works hard and deserves snacks. Jake agreed and explained he’d bought him several he enjoys. However, he eats them all in one sitting and doesn’t ration them between grocery trips.

Finally, Jake’s older sister called and said that Jake needed to smarten up. “She says he feels like I’m picking on him. I’m not. I don’t want to get up to get something I know I bought, and it’s not there.”

Here is how the internet responded.

This Is An Odd Dynamic

Nobody understood dad in this comment section! Many agreed that the dynamic of their relationship is odd. One elaborated that if the father deserves snacks, he should buy them himself and supply them for his teenage son.

An Underage Minor

One Redditor pointed out that Jake is a minor, and it’s his father’s job to provide food, clothing, and shelter. They agreed that he could make Jake do chores around the home but is not allowed to make him work outside of the house and then take his pay, which is what he’s doing by eating his food. One added that “law and customs may vary by country,” but what he is doing is wrong, especially if he is still in school.

Childish Behavior

The consensus in the thread is that the dad behaves childishly, and they are shocked by his actions. Everyone agreed that the dad needed to grow up, step up, and be an adult and a dad to his son.

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Sister Should Buy the Snacks

Finally, several people suggested that since the sister wants to put her two cents in or “put her nose in their business, ” she should buy the snacks. Others added that his father was manipulative, running to his sister to tell him.

What do you think? Is this Reddit story bizarre, or what? I was grateful to see that nobody agreed with his dad. It’s an internet story that honestly united everyone, and that’s a rare occurrence. This article is inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of The Cents of Money.


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