Mom Spent Son’s College Loan Money: 10 of the Most Helpful Insights

One person, whom we’ll call Devon, trusted his mom with their loan money, only to regret it months later when she spent the money and refused to pay him back. Devon reached out to an online community, and they provided support and recommendations. Here are 1o of the most helpful insights, but first, let’s go over the specifics of Devon’s woes.

Devon Takes Out A Loan For College

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Devon received a $4,000 loan a few months ago to help pay for expenses while they get their computer science degree. But Mom learned about the loan and begged Devon to give her the money because she needed immediate funds. She agreed to pay for Devon’s accommodations in return.

Mom Made A Rent Payment and Skedaddled

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Initially, it looked like things would work out for both Mom and Devon. Devon’s mom did pay for their rent during the first payment, but she didn’t pay the next month and won’t take any of Devon’s calls. They don’t want to contact their dad for fear of causing family drama.  Devon is terrified they can’t pay rent anymore and asks a popular internet forum for advice on what to do next. Here are the top responses.

1. Get Dad Involved

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Most commenters agree that the best option is for Devon to contact their father. “to me, drama sounds better than being kicked out of your apartment,” one user wrote.

2. Mom Caused the Drama, Not Devon

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While Devon may feel guilty about getting their dad involved because of a fear of causing drama, one user pointed out that Devon isn’t the one causing it.
“Mom created the drama, and now Devon is dealing with the fallout,” they said.

3. Talk to the University

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Because Devon is facing potential homelessness while at university, some users suggested they talk to their school about their options. Some universities can provide temporary housing or send you to other resources if you struggle to pay rent.

4. Meet With a Social Worker

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Contrary to popular belief, social workers aren’t only there to support needy children. They also help adults with social problems and can help you find housing, assistance programs, and other benefits.

5. Keep Mom Out of Your Finances

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One user suggested Devon cut off their mum from any financial connections in the future to avoid her stealing their money again. They listed steps like changing all online banking passwords, canceling bank cards she has access to, changing the address associated with their bank account, and never sharing with her about new loans or financial decisions again.

6. Stand Up to Mom

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Another option people suggested was for Devon to sue their mom. By taking her to small claims court, she would be legally obligated to pay back the money she took from Devon.
But some commenters disagreed, saying this won’t help Devon secure the money if their mother is genuinely broke and can’t afford to pay it back. On top of that, hiring a lawyer is expensive.

7. Who Could Steal Money from Their Kids?

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Many commenters had no advice but shared support for Devon during their financial distress. Some said they couldn’t fathom taking money from their kids, and this scenario is heartbreaking.

8. Try Setting Up a GoFundMe

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Online fundraising websites can be beneficial when gathering money for a good cause in a short amount of time. One commenter told Devon to consider setting up a GoFundMe to ask for donations and help them get through the next few months.

9. Reach Out to Other Family Members

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While most comments urge Devon to reach out to their dad to tell him what’s going on and ask for help, one user suggested that they ask other family members for help if possible.

10. Don’t Keep It a Secret

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The most resounding advice throughout the thread urges Devon to ask for help. While it may seem easier to stay silent, that only helps their mom take advantage of them. If Devon were to speak out, share their story, and ask for help, they would have a much better chance of paying their rent, and their mom may face the repercussions of her actions.
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