Rags to Riches: 11 Celebrities Who Truly Embodied the “Self-Made” Success Story

The world has had enough of nepo-babies, the “celebrities” whose name outweighs their ability. Many of us miss the age of meritocracy when people found fame purely based on their talent. This notion is evident in a recent online post where people name those celebrities who came from nothing.

1. Viola Davis

How To Get Away With Murder Shondaland
Photo Credit: Shondaland

“Her memoir tells the ultimate ‘rags-to-riches’ story and shows the importance of having teachers and mentors who believe in you,” a fan shares. The Rhode Island-born actress became a sensation almost overnight following the success of The Help. Since then, her career has gathered practically unstoppable momentum.

2. Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton
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Many fans hail Dolly Parton, a lady born in a single-room shack whose father paid the doctor who delivered her “a bag of cornmeal.” We can safely say Dolly has made it now. America is a constitutional republic that prides itself on having no royalty, but should they ever decide they want a monarch, the Queen of Country would be a good choice.

3. Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith Universal Pictures
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The self-made movie auteur bridged the gap between comic book geekery and outstanding filmmaking. His story is incredible for someone who once worked in a grocery store. “When he made Clerks, he maxed out his credit cards, he shot in black and white because it was less expensive, and the Mini Stop that he shot the movie in was actually a place that he had worked at,” reveals a follower.

4. Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash
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One commenter observes that most of the older stars had to make it from nothing, paving the way for the entitled celebrities that followed. “People often forget older stars who paved the way,” writes the commentator. “Most of them are truly rags to riches stories.” Johnny Cash paved the way, doing it on his terms. You have to love the Man in Black.

5. Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley 20th Century
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The king of rock and roll came to life again recently with Baz Luhrmann’s emotionally charged biopic starring Austin Butler. The movie shows Presley’s humble beginnings, living in a shack in a poor part of Tupelo, Mississippi. “He was a truck driver who had to stop by Sun Records and ask around for opportunities regularly,” notes an Elvis-loving commenter.

6. Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain MTVE
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The star of numerous box-office smash movies also came from simple roots. The actress struggled through early life and school, losing her sister to an early self-assisted departure. However, Chastain’s elite acting ability got her an audition for Julliard School. Following this moment, Chastaine “got accepted into Julliard on a scholarship funded by Robin Williams.”

7. Matt LeBlanc

Matt LeBlanc Warner Bros. Studios
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The actor was so financially exhausted before becoming Joey that he allegedly attempted his own dental work. “He had $11 to his name, and by the time the 9th season (of Friends) rolled around, he was making $1,000,000 per episode.” I give up on life if this story doesn’t embody the rags-to-riches label.

8. John Boyega

John Boyega Lucasfilm LTD
Photo Credit: Lucasfilm Ltd.

When the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer dropped in 2015, John Boyega’s face instantly became the most famous in the world for a moment. Regardless of how his character faded in the subsequent trilogy, Boyega had come a long way. Rising from the gray streets of Peckham, South London, to the sweeping dunes of Tatooine is one heck of a success story.

9. Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie Warner Bros. Pictures
Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

This thread is littered with unique journeys, though not many people know that Margot Robbie once worked three jobs as a teenager, including in a Subway. “Imagine a future Oscar nominee making your footlong,” jokes a thread member. This story all sounds normal: one day, you’re working a meatball marinara; the next, you walk onto the set of Barbie opposite Ryan Gosling.

10. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwartzenegger
Photo Credit: Netflix

The Governator is the epitome of rags to riches. The three-time American Dream champion first made it to the top in bodybuilding before becoming the biggest movie star of his generation. Finally, he was elected governor of California. All this success came after growing up dirt-poor in an impoverished post-World War II Austria.

11. Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis SONY Pictures
Photo Credit: Sony Pictures

The actress comes from wholesome roots and maintains a great connection with her family. Born in Soviet-era Ukraine, her working-class parents have nothing but pride for their girl. “Her parents refuse to take a dime from her, won’t even let her pay for dinner if they go out, and send food to her house to make sure they eat.”

Source: Reddit.

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