Secretly Cool: 12 Quirky Habits People Hide But Should Flaunt Proudly

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In our hierarchical society, some hobbies, habits, and lifestyle choices are deemed appropriate, while others are considered embarrassing. But some people want to change that. If someone enjoys something and doesn’t hurt anyone, then there’s no shame in doing what you love. Avid hobbyists shared examples of activities people feel ashamed of engaging in but should be proud of.

1. Doll Collecting

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While many people think dolls are childish or creepy, doll collecting is a fantastic hobby that doesn’t deserve the mockery it receives. Dolls are an essential part of history, and some are incredibly valuable. Plus, some people find immense joy in collecting beautiful items like dolls. “They’re cute and pretty, and I like them. That’s all that matters,” writes one doll collector.

2. Lego Building

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Nerds have a terrible reputation in our society. But why? Being smart is an asset. One nerdy hobby people tend to insult is Lego building. They see it as a childish waste of time. But those who build intricate Lego structures know it takes an engineer’s mind to complete such a technical task. Building with Legos is a fantastic way to improve your problem-solving skills and pass the time.

3. Staying In

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People–especially those in their early 20s–get a lot of flack when they spend their evenings playing board games or watching TV rather than going out clubbing. Staying in and bonding with a small group for fun is as rewarding as going out and dancing with your friends. Plus, it’s much less energy-draining than drinking and dancing until 3 a.m.

4. Emotional Intelligence

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Many people think showing your emotions and being vulnerable is embarrassing. But it’s the opposite. Emotionally intelligent people are great to be around. They are courageous for being willing to be open and risk getting hurt.

5. Reading

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In a world with entertainment options at every corner, movies, TV, and video games are put on a pedestal. No one blinks when they hear their friend loves watching movies. But what happens when they learn a coworker spends their free time diving into books? They get a weird look. But books contain intricate stories that movies and TV still can’t replicate. Reading is great for your brain and an excellent way to spend your free time.

6. Paleontology

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When adults are into dinosaurs, many think they’re stuck in childhood. But paleontology is an intricate science that takes years of study to understand fully. Plus, dinosaurs are exceptionally cool. Thinking about giant reptiles roaming the planet is as exciting as riding in a fancy sports car.

7. Exercise

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Many people feel ashamed when they exercise around others. At the gym, it can feel like everyone is watching you and judging your weight, strength, or endurance. But working out is admirable for anyone who wants to try it, no matter how strong they are, how much they weigh, or if they’re starting.

8. Pet Love

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Some people put their pets above everything else, and others often find that weird. But loving an animal is a sign of empathy. Plus, learning how to take care of another creature like you take care of yourself gives life a lot of meaning.

9. Writing Fanfiction

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As a teenager, I was really into the band One Direction. I read tons of steamy fanfiction about the band members and even wrote a bit. But I never told anyone about it because I feared they would make fun of me. But fanfiction is so much more incredible than people think. Fanfiction about books and movies allows the fictional universe to expand and become a community project. It’s beautiful to witness a fandom grow and bond over fanfiction.

10. Trying Lots of Hobbies

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People tend to try out hobbies until they find one they love, but some people like trying out hobbies to try new things. While some think that’s strange, trying new hobbies instead of sticking with just one is perfectly normal and fulfilling. It helps turn you into a well-rounded person with many skills and talking points.

11. Sober Living

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Living a sober lifestyle is admirable, despite what many people say. While some think being sober or eating only healthy foods is boring and stuffy, others find immense joy in prioritizing their mental and physical health in this way. “I think it’s awesome that somebody doesn’t need drugs, alcohol, junk food, and casual sex to have a happy life,” writes one commenter.

12. Living With Your Parents as an Adult

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In our society, we expect to move out of their parents’ homes when they turn 18. If they don’t, they get called lazy, burdensome freeloaders. But in a world with an ever-increasing cost of living and housing princess skyrocketing, more and more adults stay with their parents into their 30s. There’s no shame in seeking support from your loved ones while you save up to afford your place. Living with your family can be highly fulfilling because the people you love the most are close by.

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