She Won’t Pay For Her Estranged Mom’s Surgery Despite Being Able to Afford It

Someone shared their story of their estranged mother trying to reconnect so she could have her surgery paid for.

Broken Family Ties

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The original poster (OP) said that she lost her father when she was young, and a few months after his death, her mom married a new guy. The new guy already had two teenage boys and didn’t want to raise OP because he never wanted daughters. OP’s mother abandoned her daughter and took her brother to live with her new husband.

OP’s stepfather was wealthy and would spoil her mother and brother, but never OP. Her mother didn’t do anything for her either. She visited monthly and didn’t call on Christmas or New Year’s. OP’s aunt couldn’t have children, so raising OP was a blessing for her. OP saved money in high school and put herself through college.

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She graduated with a degree in computer science and landed a great job with an excellent salary. In the time since OP got a better job with a better salary and was able to help her aunt and uncle renovate their house. OP said that recently, her mom reached out via Instagram, where she could see the type of lifestyle OP was living. She asked if she and OP could meet and talk and reevaluate their relationship.

OP said she had a soft heart and agreed to meet up with her mom. When they met, her mom hugged her, kissed her on the cheek, and told her she missed her. They talked about OP’s life, and when OP asked how she was doing, she began to talk about how bad her life was. She had divorced John, and OP’s brother wanted nothing to do with her now that she was poor.

She was living on a pension from her ex-husband and has developed serious heart problems. She asked if OP would pay for the surgery she needed, which was quite expensive. OP refused and said she wouldn’t feel good about it. Her mom yelled at her in the middle of the restaurant, saying she was a terrible daughter and that she was letting her die even though OP could afford the surgery. OP said she left feeling very embarrassed.

When OP brought it up with her aunt, her aunt said that, ultimately, it was her decision but that she had plenty of money to pay for it, and it wouldn’t affect her financially. OP said she doesn’t want to pay because her mom has never been there for her.

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Two sentiments on the forum: “She abandoned you; you don’t owe her a thing,” and “She should ask her son who stuck with the ‘rich step Daddy’ to pay for it.”


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