Top 10 Things Kids Today Need More of According to Boomers

What did your generation have that kids need more of today? I’ll go first, playing outside! Man. My favorite thing was grabbing my bike and riding with my best friend and sister all over town. I never see that happening anywhere. After someone asked an online community what kids need more of today, these were the best responses.

1. Privacy

With all the social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, etc., it’s hard not to see updates on everyone’s kids. But some argue that you are invading the children’s privacy. 

They do not consent to have their pictures plastered forever on the internet. One parent says, “from the moment they’re all born, their pics, good, bad, and embarrassing moments are on social media. It’s insane to me.”

2. Less Influence from People They Don’t Know

The internet is fantastic, with information a click away, but not all this information is accurate. For example, even on medical websites, you can enter your symptoms and then be scared that you have cancer when you could have indigestion. 

For example, one states, “I’m pretty sure some kids nowadays don’t develop their personality, style, or type. Instead, they start mimicking and copying others, whether YouTube or influencers.

They start buying the same clothes and phones and want to get the same job and hobbies even though they aren’t interested in any of those things. So they start following what’s popular or what they’d like to be.”

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3. Playing Outdoors

Great minds think alike! We reminisce about the days we played outside. A group of kids in the neighborhood, age didn’t matter. We played unsupervised until our parents called us in or until the street lights came on. 

Not always being in front of a screen, kids learned hands-on problem-solving, working together, sharing, etc. Several agree with the sentiment, “This was my favorite part of being a kid.”

4. Freedom

Now when a child does something embarrassing, they fear it being broadcast on the internet for all to see. As a result, kids don’t have the same freedom to be silly, goofy, and dumb and learn from their mistakes. 

A parent notes, “They could use some alone time to be cringe and goofy together without being watched by the entire planet all the time.”

5. Imagination

Kids these days have no tolerance for boredom. Trying to tell a child to let their mind wander and allow thoughts to flow will make them bored. The constant stimulation from video games, videos, and apps has made them not appreciate alone time with their ideas. 

A commenter suggests, “Tablets and phones are easy ways to fill boredom with dopamine pleasure hits. Before these, boredom meant you had to think of something to do, be creative, and expend energy.”

6. Accountability

With schools now thinking it’s unfair to hold a child back even if they don’t get a passing grade, it’s no wonder we feel the lack of accountability. When a child does not learn the consequences of their actions, they are set up for failure in adulthood.

One user writes, “I wish more people understood that the consequences a student receives in the K-12 setting are minor compared to those in the real world, like getting kicked out of a college program or losing a job.”

7. Working With Your Hands

From building small things like a birdhouse or big stuff like a treehouse, kids these days miss out on this time-honored tradition. Making things brings creativity to your mind that could help you later in life. 

One user states, “You never learn to work with your hands. It changes how you think about things, how your brain evolves, and how you approach problems.”

8. Tougher Skin

Not everyone will agree with you, accept you or be nice to you. One says, “I feel like younger folks these days are in their safe spaces and bubbles, afraid to get hurt or offended.” 

Only some people will be nice, and we can’t change that, but we can change how we respond. So it’s not about having tougher skin but accepting that someone is unpleasant and doesn’t let it affect you. 

9. Social Skills

The ability to go to the library and read a book there, ask for help from strangers, and most of all, the current generation can only do things on their own if they’ve been given instructions from someone else. 

For example, one explains, “Back when I was a kid, gaming with your friends meant a group of kids getting together at a friend’s house and playing video games in the same room. Now kids almost completely avoid learning face-to-face social skills as they can play games online at home.”  

10. Getting Hurt

We seem so afraid to let our kids get hurt these days. So they try to climb a tree, and we tell them no, they could fall or run around on pavement, but no, they could fall and scrape their knee. 

A final person says, “Kids these days don’t know what it’s like to ride your bike, hit a rock, and fall off, skidding your elbow. But then, you got back up, dusted it off, returned to your bike, and continued riding. Kids would run home and disinfect these days and probably not return to ride that day.”

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