10 Massive American Scandals Most People Don’t Seem to Know About

Most Americans are familiar with famous scandals like Watergate.

But many lesser-known scandals will blow your mind and make you wonder, “Why didn’t I learn about this in high school?”

Social workers must be emotionally strong to work in this messed up  system, and many great social workers quit because the job is too  mentally taxing.

The Failure of the Foster Care System

The racist mob tore apart the prosperous Greenwood community in a matter  of hours, and the government did nothing to punish the white  perpetrators.

The Tulsa Race Massacre

Not only is this an environmental hazard, but it also impacts livestock and humans.

The DuPont Scandal

Abramoff was exposed for defrauding Indian Tribal Councils, overcharging them tens of millions of dollars.

The Jack Abramoff Scandals

When Gary Webb exposed the CIA’s connection to the distribution of Crack Cocaine in the U.S.

Gary Webb and the C.I.A.

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