10 Animated Movies People Ranked as 10/10 Masterpieces

Do you love animated films? Same! While scrolling my favorite internet forum, I encountered the question, “What animated movie would you confidently say is a 10/10 masterpiece?”

So here are the top-voted animated films on the list.

“Eartha Kitt’s voice acting is the greatest of all time. Such an underrated Disney movie,” a person commented.

The Emperor’s New Grove

“The train scene is easily one of my favorite scenes in any movie. Hauntingly beautiful scene,” replied one.

Spirited Away

Princess Mononoke is a significantly better story. The visuals aren’t as fantastical, but talk about a movie where everything merges," one argued.

Princess Mononoke

"I’d always rent The Iron Giant every week. That went on for years. I probably watched that movie over a hundred times. Fond memories,” someone recalled.

The Iron Giant

“The fact that so much character, story, and emotion is carried without words from the main protagonist floored me," one shared.


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