10 Annoying Things That Movies Never Portray Realistically

Movies are often seen as a way to escape reality, but there are some  things that are portrayed so unrealistically that it’s just plain  annoying.

From car chases to romance, here are some of the most annoying things that movies never portray realistically.

In reality, car chases are dangerous and can be deadly, and police officers are trained to avoid them if possible.

Car Chases

In movies, gunfights are often portrayed as exciting and glamorous, with  heroes shooting their way out of impossible situations with perfect  accuracy.



Movies often depict romances as easy and effortless, with the main  characters falling in love at first sight and overcoming any obstacles  that come their way.


In movies, hackers are often depicted as super geniuses who can break into any system with ease.

Fight Scenes

In reality, fights are messy and unpredictable, and even trained fighters can get hurt.


Explosions are a common feature in action movies, but they are often depicted in an unrealistic manner.

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