10 Awful Movies People 100% Love and Savor

What movie do you enjoy that you will 100% agree is such a bad movie that it’s good? I’ll go first and admit I love the Twilight saga.

After someone asked the internet for other examples of these films, these are the top-voted movies.

The Core is 100% the correct answer. At one point in the film, the main characters reach a point where the supposed task has met insurmountable odds.

The Core

One user’s father took them to see Flash Gordon in theaters because their mom was not a fan of sci-fi films and refused to go.

Flash Gordon

Deep Blue Sea

A group of scientists genetically engineered a small number of Mako sharks to harvest a protein to cure Alzheimer’s.

Street Fighter

Raul Julia exhibited superb acting skills in the cult classic film Street Fighter. One said, “30 years later, and it’s still a movie we remember mainly for him.”


Hackers was a terrible movie, but the soundtrack was amazing, and I “still listen to it fairly regularly,” another admitted.


Bartleby Gaines is a high school slacker who just got rejected by every college he applied to.

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