10 Best Pieces of Money Advice People Received From Their Parents

Did your parents install good money practices with solid financial advice growing up, or are you searching for tips now?

After someone asked the internet for the best advice they received from  their parents about money, here are the top recommendations.

"When I was between the ages of ten and twelve, for Christmas, our  parents gave us a budget and a Toys’R’us catalog instead of asking us  what we wanted."

Budgeting to Spend for Christmas Gifts

“Do your best at school so you can go to a new place and live a comfortable life,” one answered.

Work Hard and Do Your Best In School

One suggested, “Pay as much as you can into your pension. It’s good  advice I ignored for a while because I was young and stupid, then  adopted it.”

Pad Your Pension

"Choose a career you love that covers your bills over a job that pays loads but makes you miserable."

Choose a Career Because You Love it, Not Because of the Pay

"Some good advice I received, save up for things you want."

If You Want Something, Save For It

"Accidental advice was seeing them go into debt for unnecessary luxuries that later took years to pay off."

Watching Your Parents Struggle Growing Up

"Best advice my parents taught me was how to invest money that I didn’t need that day, week, or month."

Invest Early and Often, If You Can

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