Ten Commandments of The Virtues Of Work

Many people in the workplace suddenly had spare time on their hands, commuting less, and access to technologies.

If people were quitting their jobs, at least some were creating their own businesses.

Not being able to work robs you of your ability to support yourself. More than that, it takes away your identity and purpose.

From the earliest days at school, the value of a good education was a means to an end.

Education As A Path To Work

Throughout your life, you should strive to strengthen your hard and soft skills through your job or on your own.

Skills Enrichment

Acquiring knowledge through learning opens up many doors toward personal fulfillment.

Gives Life Meaning And Fulfillment

What makes work meaningful? It is often up to the individual’s personality and what kind of work they enjoy doing.

Characteristics of Meaningful Work

Hard work and determination is the key to success.  All the talent in  the world may not necessarily help you to achieve your goals.

Hard Work And Determination

Starting your own business may not seem like a great idea in the midst of a pandemic and an economic downturn.

Having Your Own Business

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