10 Dreadful TV Shows People Sat Through Hoping They’d Get Better

What is the worst TV show you have sat through hoping it would get better but didn’t? I’ll go first, Superstore.

I’m sure it’s hilarious because so many insist it is, but I didn’t find the appeal.

After someone asked the internet for their examples, these are the top-voted series.

One suggested, “Only from season two on wards. Season one was so good; the creators should have ended it there.”

Westworld (2016 – 2022)

Under the Dome was beyond awful,” one suggested. “The idea was great, but it should have been a miniseries, not something to drag out.”

Under The Dome

"I could not believe those characters were going to survive. I had a hard time believing they’d survived the zombie apocalypse."

The Walking Dead (2010 – 2022)

“I enjoyed season one of Riverdale. Still, it had its  issues, but it had a likable cast and a cool mystery plot,” one said. “I  thought they were going to maintain that.

Riverdale (2017 – Present)

"I was two episodes in, and I was like Randall Park, what are you doing, sir? You are capable of so much more."

Blockbuster (2022)

“It had an interesting concept that turned into religious and family drama and lost all pace,” one shared.

Manifest (2018 – Present)

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