10 Exciting Side Hustles For People Living the FIRE Lifestyle

It would be a surprise if you weren’t looking for a side gig to make extra money in this economy. People

We asked people about their passive income streams and found some entertaining answers.

One exciting answer we received was from someone who enjoys making model trains.

Creating Model Trains

Their job is to maintain the dog’s  well-being, help with photographs, drive them around, and make life  easier for the bride and groom.

Escorts For Weddings

This one is both surprising and not;  many people require guidance and will pay for it. As this guide on the  internet found, it’s pretty easy.

Career Guide

We’ve got so much talent in the world;  no wonder people monetize it. We found someone who started selling honey  after getting a beehive.

Make Honey

They do all sorts of performances and  remain in touch with groups who can put on a show for multiple events  like birthdays, corporate events, weddings, etc.

Party Entertainer

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