10 Filmmakers and Actors Once Successful and Acclaimed Who Have Experienced Retroactive Backlash

Even the greatest Hollywood legends come with controversies.

Here are some movies, producers, actors, or directors that found retroactive infamy.

Mickey Rooney’s yellowface interpretation of an Asian landlord is cringe 101. Even in the ‘60s, this must have crossed a line.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)

Before cancel culture had a stranglehold  over western society, Gibson was famously arrested after a DUI, with  cops reporting antisemitic remarks and drunken behavior.

Mel Gibson

The portrayal of a dad falling in lust with his daughter’s teenage friend was bound to raise some eyebrows.

American Beauty (1999)

There were allegations of inappropriate advances with a younger man when he was director of London’s Old Vic Theater.

Kevin Spacey

A director exiling himself in Paris to stop extradition for physical misdemeanors with a minor is not good optics.

Roman Polanski

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