10 Horrible Movies People 100% Love and Enjoy

What movie do you enjoy that you will 100% agree is a bad movie? I’ll go first and admit I love the Twilight saga. All five movies, soundtracks, and instrumental movie scores are a part of my life. But I know it’s terrible.

1.  The Core (2003) The Core is 100% the correct answer. At one point in the film, the main characters reach a point where the supposed task has met insurmountable odds. One person continued that’s when “one guy takes a drag on a cig,” looks at everyone, and begs to differ. This line is so cheesy and commonplace, but “the entire movie pivots on that point.”

2.  Flash Gordon (1980) One user’s father took them to see Flash Gordon in theaters because their mom was not a fan of sci-fi films and refused to go. Others joked about dating themselves by disclosing that they saw the movie in the theaters and enjoyed it. Although, none of their friends liked the movie.

Horrible Movies 

3.  Deep Blue Sea (1999) A group of scientists genetically engineered a small number of Mako sharks to harvest a protein to cure Alzheimer’s. Later, the sharks proved to be a bigger problem than the scientists anticipated initially. “You ate my bird!” This a classic line from LL Cool J’s character, the first black man to survive the length of a horror film.

4.  Street Fighter (1994) Raul Julia exhibited superb acting skills in the cult classic film Street Fighter. One said, “30 years later, and it’s still a movie we remember mainly for him.” Julia acted his heart out despite his terminal condition at the time. Those things in mind make his “performance so much more powerful.”

5.  Hackers (1995)

Hackers was a terrible movie, but the soundtrack was amazing, and I “still listen to it fairly regularly,” another admitted. This film enticed me to want to be a part of their lifestyle, and it is easily one of my all-time favorite films.”

6.  Accepted (2006) Bartleby Gaines is a high school slacker who just got rejected by every college he applied to. So, along with a group of recently rejected high school graduates, Bartleby creates a fake college, South Harmon Institute of Technology, for himself and his friends to “attend.” But things turn peculiar when Bartleby’s father insists on meeting the college’s dean.

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