10 Insights: Do You Believe Billionaires Are Inherently Bad?

Many Americans dream of becoming a billionaire and forgetting all of their problems. But others see billionaires as the villains of society.

Someone asked a popular internet forum for people’s ideas, asking, “do you believe billionaires are inherently bad? Why or why not?”

10 Insights: Do You Believe Billionaires Are Inherently Bad, Why or Why Not?

1. Hoarding Resources While People Starve Is Immoral Thousands agreed on the forum that billionaires are guilty of hoarding resources while the poor struggle to feed themselves and find safe housing for their families. Most agree that this is inherently immoral.

2. The American Dream Is a Lie “I am constantly floored by how many average people defend billionaires,” one commenter wrote. They criticized the concept of the American Dream, a myth that says everyone who works hard can succeed in society.

3. Why Is There No Wealth Limit? “We have a minimum wage. Why don’t we have a maximum wage?” questioned one person on the forum. Other commenters agreed that it makes no sense that people aren’t subject to wealth limits because no one needs such a large amount of money while others are impoverished.

4. No One Is a Self-Made Billionaire Can anyone truly become a billionaire simply by working hard on their own? Many commenters didn’t think so.

“Your success or failure is not just something about you, but a reflection of society,” wrote one user.

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