10 It Can’t Be That Easy/It Was That Easy Moments in Life

Life is hard for most of us. It doesn’t matter how much you lament how unfair this is — there will always be difficulties to face, no matter how fortunate you are. However, there is a difference between things coming easily and things being easier than expected.

Life Is as Hard as We Make It

1. Drinking on the Job One hopeful actor auditioned for a commercial in a bar after having drunk a few cold ones while he was waiting. Upon leaving the audition, “thinking it was a waste of time,” he ended up with a $40,000 payday, starred in another commercial, and met a famous director.

2. Tighten That Gas Cap Cars are a constant source of worry for motorists everywhere, and nothing fills the heart with dread more than seeing a red warning light. One lucky driver had such an encounter but escaped punishment with one strange maneuver — tightening the gasoline cap made the light disappear.

3. Personal Growth Isn’t That Hard One thread creator said they changed their life just by focusing on what was under their control. They found life improved after tweaks to diet, screen time, and choice of friends.

4. Shoe Laces Are Easy A poster explained how they never had someone to teach them shoelaces. Subsequently, they had to wear velcro shoes into their twenties. To their surprise, they sat down one day and managed it in minutes.

5. Going to See About a Girl Romance can be complicated, but it needn’t be so. Why not go over to someone if you think they are cute and tell them? Such an approach worked, according to one guy, who went on to say how his child was now sleeping on that cute girl’s lap as he typed.

6. Sleep Deprivation Owned Certain thread members shared their sleep stories, with one in particular who discovered how insomnia has a nemesis. No, this wasn’t a testimony for melatonin or some other holistic method — they just gave up soda and switched to water.

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